September 23, 2004

Prince of Wales Island II

Didn’t I say more ? Here’s more commonly used Hokkien slang acronyms from Penang…

“gen thau”
direct translation – ‘addicted to a head’.
actual meaning – referring to someone who’s desperate for sex.
eg: “Ah Piang kau giak gen thau, lau ee pun sien !”
[translation: “Ah Piang is so desperate for sex, that he even picks up old hags”]

“phoo bor”
direct translation – ‘fuck wife’ (might even be something from other dialect)
actual meaning – unknown. The eastern equivalent of the western ‘motherfucker’
eg: “Phoo bor kia, aneh uwa liao, koh boey kau”
[translation: “It’s getting late, and that motherfucker is still missing”]

“lam phar phar lan” (also known as LPPL)
direct translation – ‘testicles, and another inverted pronunciation of it’.
actual meaning – to indicate something that doesn’t make a slight difference.
eg: “Ee oo lai ahsi boh lai, pun si lam phar phar lan nia lah..”
[translation: “Whether or not he comes, it wouldn’t make any difference.”]

“lim peh” (this is not an original Penang slang)
direct translation – ‘my father’ (this is the same as Singaporeans’ “lim beh”)
actual meaning – a description oneself, with pride, grandeur and arrogance.
eg: “Lim peh lap kah ee chow heng.”
[translation: “I beat him up until he’s lopsided”]

direct translation – ‘sperm’
actual meaning – stupid
eg: “Siao eh ! gostan ah boey jeep ma eh liao lor !”
[translation: “Stupid ! Just reverse to park the car !”]

“keh bo”
direct translation – ‘a mother hen’
actual meaning – a description of someone who’s timid ; American slang – chicken.
eg: “Keh bo ka boey si er…”
[translation: “Damn timid !”]

“mak beh jin kia”
direct translation – ‘a mom could not recognize her own son’
actual meaning – beyond recognition; sometimes used to exaggerate an ominous situation.
eg: “Cah meh lim peh eh bor beh sah… kio lim peh choot lui. Tiok ka mak beh jin kia..”
[translation: “Last night my wife went shopping. I had to pay till I was beyond recognition”]

“kam mo lan”
direct translation – ‘to fellate a hairy dick’
actual meaning – a phrase to describe a very rigorous trouble that has caused an undescribable vexation.
eg: “Ho lang pak ka kam mo lan”
[translation: “Was pummelled rigorously”]

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