September 20, 2004


One of my colleagues Wilson related his experience inside a shopping mall to me while we’re having our breakfast…

Wilson : “I was approached by a couple of girls asking for donation for WWF fund. Damn, I told them that I had a lot of trouble to even feed my own kid, and why would I want to bother about some wild animals??”

Then another colleague TC, replied,

TC : “Your son feeds on cow’s milk, right? So you see, without animals, your son would be starving. So, the fund kind of indirectly affects your life too.”

Wilson : “hello ? wildlife lah… cows are not wild.”

Me : “That WWF was probably not for wildlife as they claimed. They are for those beefcake wrestlers, who needed money to support their appetite…”

And we all cackled like dumbfucks inside our cafeteria, attracting a company wide attention.

Well, the conclusion from our candid conversation was – nobody really cares about wild animals. Only those who has nothing better to do… does that.

I mean, why would anyone worry so much about wild animals getting extinct or shits like that? What’s so important about watching them living their savage lives killing each other in some jungle?

I really loathed those type of self-proclaimed environmentalists or animal lovers, that go around picketing about killing animals. But when they go home at night, they would use detergents to wash their dishes, plastics to dildo their own pussy, sanitary pads to suppress their menstruation (big aunty) and shitloads of chemicals to enhance their skin. And pardon me, if you do not realize that, those are the same shit that could kill a whale or two when it goes into the ocean. Animal lovers my ass.

The best way to protect those animals, is to fucking leave them alone. Let them have their fun and freedom at the savannah. And if you’re so compelled to protect or get them out of harm’s way, just strip off all your clothes and belongings to live with them in the wild. Thou should never use a drop of shampoo or soap in your life ever again. Thou shall live like your ancestral cavemen and freeze during the winter inside the caves (one of our world’s most wanted terrorists is already doing that in the Afghan mountain caves … he’s a true environmentalist).

But then, even if you are willing to do all that, it won’t save much animals. Because all your friends would not join your cause. They would instead, think that you’re a twat for giving up your own culture and civic mind to be with the animals. They have much more important things to worry about … like how to find a cure for cancer, how to feed the hungry stomachs, how to achieve world peace and how to live forever. Period.

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