September 8, 2004

accidental peep

My old family house was situated on a piece of small land. Hell it was so cramped that my neighbor’s backyard was only inches away from our front yard. Separated by only a small fence. A tip of the toe, and I could see FatMary flailing her corpulent tits under that 24-7 stinking nightgown which she seemed to wear day and night. Yep, if you can remember FatMary and her mongoloid dog Barney that gave me my teenhood trauma.

For some reason, my neighbor FatMary seemed to dislike wearing a bra when walking around outside at the compound, and boy did she love bending down to scrub her backyard floor, which was directly in front of my family house. Whenever I was out there washing my motorcycle, she would inadvertently flash her tits by bending the fuck down. I tried not to look at that tramp, but then, there were a few times which I accidentally saw her fat tits. They were saggy and disgusting – almost made me barf my spleen out. I guess that was why her dog had such a damaged brain.

One day, I was going out with my mom and noticed someone scrubbing the backyard floor over the fence. Oh shit – must be FatMary flashing her disgusting tits again, I thought. I quickened my pace to get out of there as soon as possible. Then suddenly, a chirpy voice greeted my mom from over the fence. It was not FatMary’s voice. It was another lady in her late 20’s with a slim figure and fair skin. She looked kind of alright and had a white loose spaghetti top – and like FatMary, she didn’t have her bra on. I was like, stunned of course, as she was still in her crouched scrubbing position when she made the friendly attempt to start a conversation with my mom. My eyes were locked on that hot spot of downblouse, looking at her large titties hanging loose.

Being a 16 year old, that downblouse view was like an unexpected stash of 10 ringgit bills lying on a public walkway for me. I scanned every detail of her tits on display – and managed to find out the following :

1) her tits were fucking big and awesome
2) her nipples were fair and pinkish
3) there were freckles on her tits
4) her tits were fucking big and awesome
5) *did I mentioned that her tits were fucking big and awesome ?*

Of course, I was doing it in such a stealthy way that she wasn’t even aware of me and my hormones. I had a good long look and was overheating.

Then, when the conversation was over, I continued my journey out with my mom into a relative’s car. My cousin was in it. As I was about to relate that unbelievable experience to him… my cousin suddenly exclaimed:

cousin : “Dude! Hold on there! There’s a strand of white colored hair growing out from your neck!”

me : “What the fuck? A strand of white hair you said? Growing out from my NECK??”

cousin : “Yeah man .. here, lemme pull it out for you …”

And my cousin indeed pulled out a strand of whitish hair out from my neck.

me : “Damn… this is so bizarre!”

My mom overheard the entire conversation of course, and interjected,

mom : “That’s a pervert hair that grew out from your neck”

me : [confused] “Huh ?”

mom : “Yeah… from ogling too much at titties. You think I didn’t notice?”

She was referring to the tits ogling incident,

me : “Errr… hehehh… that was a free display mom, and I wasn’t even trying to look…”

mom : “Please, if you could check out your own eyeballs at that moment… But then, I must admit that she has got a pair of great looking tits. I was kinda admiring them myself too…”

Me and my mom then cackled like hyenas – which stupefied my cousin and his mom.

Lesson learnt: Don’t even try to do something that you think could fool your own mom. It will never work.

*PS: That lady turned out to be FatMary’s younger sister who came back for holidays from Australia. Strangely, both of them seem to love scrubbing their backyard floor without wearing a bra. I wonder why.

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