September 6, 2004

honda city comments

I posted a review about Honda City 20 years ago in my blog. Could not remember well what I had commented then, but if I’m not mistaken, I think I complained about its weird looks – that it looked like a flower horn fish… and its trunk too big to fit a few mother in laws.

Despite being posted quite a while ago, I still receive occasional comments from some stray visitors. But today, I received an interesting one. Probably from a Honda salesman or something. Here’s his post :

“It seems people are’nt simply ready to accept crisp , futuristc looks of the new honda city .If u call it ugly listen this -if u look at this car then any other car in this world would seem outdated and traditional. Now for me anything outdated is straightaway ugly.

new city represents just one thing-ie looks taking precedence over space utility and safety and function over form and if you dont agree this is the way of future!Long bonnets are useless -just make interiors cramped and difficult to manage-crisp sleek indeed very modern is the bonnet of new honda city .The new city’s tall profile indeed an suv type seating hieght matchless gives an aura of control on the road rather than the older city version which was hardly visible due to it’s extremely low hieght and belive me low slung absolutely suck-it is the interior comfort which is definitely more important than looks bcoz my dear friends you stay inside the car and not outside!Well almost all about looks -The city is definitely-crisp ,tall ,modern,sporty , flowing shape rather than bieng boxy (boxy means ugly and outdated) -those who like the city’s looks just love it my dear friend appreciate the modernism and forget about short front and long back”

I decided to reply him here because I think this is interesting enough. Here’s my reply to that Honda salesman.

Dear Honda salesman. Thanks for commenting. I have a few comments about your post.

1) You know why I think the new Honda City is ugly ? Because it’s really ugly. It’s too tall for a car of that size. It’s trunk is too damn big. It’s front is too short. It’s ugly, period. Never had I seen a car so ugly before. Heck, it’s so out of proportion, that you would mistakenly open the rear door thinking it’s the front. It’s the matter of opinion I guess.

2) Look at this car, and any other car would seem outdated and traditional ? Dude, please. We’re all grown ups. We don’t dig that kind of baseless shit, k ?

3) Appreciate modernism ? Forget about short front and long back ? Does that mean, people who drives a brand new Prelude .. or Mustang in the US … or the hot rod enthusiast that spent grands … are all conservative and anti modernism ? Low slung absolutely suck ? So ? Factory bus is the best vehicle out there I suppose ? Dude, do you have any idea what is “center of gravity” ? Control .. my friend, is directly proportional to how low your car is. The higher the car, the wider the wheel base it must have – and Honda City my friend, is a compact sedan. It’s main selling point is – cheap and economic. Control ? Low speed yes ler …

4) It’s interior comfort is mediocre. I’ve been inside the new Honda City. Impressive for a compact sedan, I must say. But I’ve seen better. And I have to disagree with you on the interior comfort is more important than anything else. The idea of an automobile in 21st century has changed. People want to look good in them. They want to be noticed. Look at those poor ah bengs and mat racings…. they desperately whore for attention by installing multicolored bulbs on their cars. All the glittering wheels, all the paint jobs. Translates to attention. If your car looks like a flowerhorn fish, no matter how comfy your cabin is – you’ll still feel out of place. And that’s a fact. If you’re really a car salesman, you should bear that in mind.

And dude, try to use punctuation marks next time. It really makes your sentence easier to read.

P/S: I bought a car that looked much better than Honda City a month after that review. It was designed by Pininfarina, came with everything City has to offer (‘cept the CVT gearbox of course)… and is much bigger and LONGER than City. Can do up to 180 kph without floating and no wind noise (City are known to have wind noise problem post 110 kph.) I paid for the same price. Her name is Lorraine.

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