August 24, 2004

IT my ass

*I think I blogged about this before…. but then, it happened again today… so, I blogged for another time..

The IT team is at it again. Goddamn motherfuckers. Hell, they’re so stupid that calling them a pig would be an insult to the pigs.

Why? Here’s why. Today, one of our lab computers was infected with a very dangerous virus, which could make our monitors explode and clog up the sewer system. The IT team, needless to say, realized that… and immediately reacted.

What did they do? Instead of cleaning up the virus, they sent out a lot of mails.

1) an email to their boss to inform him that one of our lab computers was infected with the deadly virus.
2) an email to US headquarters to alert them we have a virus here.
3) an email to my boss, that we have a virus in our lab, need to find out which.
4) an email to all the lab users, to look for the purported virus infected computer. They gave us an IP address and a network ID.

Fine. We complied and found the network point alleged to be connected to the infected computer. But by the time we did that, they have already escalated the issue to the Vice President level… and they were asking us to provide a written statement – WHY ONE OF OUR COMPUTERS WAS INFECTED WITH A VIRUS? And before we managed to even clean up the infected system, we started to receive shitloads of emails asking for an explanation for the infection.

The situation suddenly became chaotic and everyone became paranoid about ONE FUCKING COMPUTER INFECTED BY A FETID VIRUS. As if they’ve never seen a virus before. Hello???? It’s the same thing clings up inside your ass.

I mean, what the fuck was that all about?? They’re putting the blame on us end users for the virus infection. As if it was our fault. How the hell could that be?? What the fuck can we do if a virus decides to invade our PC?? We update our virus definitions daily and patches the stupid Operating System every time the moon goes full. What else did we do wrong? Ma kanneh. I really could not understand.

Then what does the spastic IT team do? Scratching their balls sending emails?? Maybe, one may lambaste me for the lack of understanding, ok fine. But shouldn’t the IT team be the one who is responsible to secure our network system?? If yes, then why are they asking my team to answer this question – WHY DID THE VIRUS INFECT OUR PC??

This is not right. Definitely not right.

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