August 22, 2004

“The Sisters” (2004)

Went to watch a Thai horror flick last night titled “The Sisters”. It was a nice one, albeit the story’s a bit lame.

It was about a prostitute (whom in my humble opinion, looked like a transvestite) who was murdered by one of her customers when she was on her routine whoring activities one night. The guy who murdered her, tortured her a whole deal lot before beheading her. The psychotic dude then tied her head up inside the air conditioner duct, and left her body under a bed in a hotel room. And a very angry ghost was born – the one that was even bolder than a poltergeist and with an incorrigible hatred for males.

The grisly murder scene was very realistically done. The blood color was unbelievably real, and that piece of head didn’t look plastic at all. Nice.

The story then proceeded to focus on a group of youths, probably a rock band or something, who rented the same hotel room many months (or years) later. I took no notice of the time, as there was a motherfucker who sat so upright in front of me that his big stupid head blocked almost half the script (it was a Thai movie, I had to read the scrip to understand).

As expected, the group was damn unlucky to discover that they have a transvestite looking ghost up inside the air con duct and sometimes, under their bed. Quite exciting. And soon, each of them began to die one by one… each in their own freakish way, just like the movie Final Destination – only that their ambassador of death was a transvestite looking female ghost – who was not very coy in nature .. and would not hesitate to show her awful face in the public.

The real credit in my humble opinion, went to the death scenes, which were very realistic. Real blood is not actually red – but dark maroon with slight yellowish hue when it is being smeared. The flick complied that realistically. The design of the ghost? Not bad. It used the popular Asian elements in the art of ghost making. You know, plenty of green light… long hair… white robes, rags, etc. The only thing that they had done differently was the eerie looking contact lenses… plus some red veins around the ghost’s face – to add more ferocity to its face. Then there was also a ghost kid that would do occasional stray haunting, but he was just a static fuck and did no real harm. Then there was the other ghost sister, who made only less than 5 minutes worth of appearance in the whole length of the movie – who looked like Natalie Portman in her younger years.

It wasn’t a very scary movie, but still quite nice.

Some highlights when I was watching this movie :

– there was an idiot in front of me who sat damn upright that he blocked most of the script during the movie. I was not sure what was his problem but, it was sure hell annoying. I almost wanted to throw some ice cubes on his head to hint him but, I ran out of ice cubes.

– there was a rank blimp sitting next to me that smelled like a wet dog and always adjust his position. Each time he did that (adjust his position), the entire row of seats would shake like an earthquake (because he was too fucking heavy). I couldn’t give him an elbow because he’s about the twice of my size, exactly the type of person that nobody should mess with. I left him alone.

– there were 3 girls behind my row, that would shriek throughout ‘almost’ the entire movie. They would occasionally go “eeeeek !!!”, “eee-yeeerrr !!!”, “arrrrhhhh !!” and sometimes, some jerking due to the shock elements in the movie. Oh goddamn, it was so fucking funny. But they didn’t make it till the end, about halfway through the movie, they decided to quit and abandoned the cinema. The 3 girls quickly squirmed out from their seats and fled the cinema while one of them still ee-king. It triggered a massive laughter inside the cinema when they skedaddled across the cinema hall like a bunch of timid mice.

But one thing, the movie was shown in a home video format – because it wasn’t in wide screen format. What the fuck.

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