August 19, 2004

i need to release

- I think my brain is malfunctioning. For the last 12 hours, it has been spewing anti-love sentiment to the rest of the cells in my body. I believe that my cells are defecting themselves into independent single celled microorganisms. These rebel cells would then riot against my body and scatter themselves free, disintegrating my overall existing mass into tiny individual particles. Then, I would cease of my existence and never get to enjoy sex in my life ever again…

– My ex-zombie boss made me hate everyone today. Including girls. Security guards. Dogs. Mynah birds that pooped on my car. I so goddam hate everyone today. My workplace suddenly looked like a behemoth Nazi concentration camp that was erected to torment mankind. And I am one of the miscreants that work in that unfortunate place. My work is to torture people and being tortured myself. It is one hellhole with everything in it.

– Those heelys. THey are damn annoying. It is so unnatural to have your feet tilted in an angle like that and glide to hit the wall. If evolution can happen overnight, I bet kids with those heelys will evolve to have a leg that shaped like a kangaroo’s. A kangaroo with a flat face and couldn’t jump. With a pair of ridiculous looking sneaker with wheels.

– If sports is all about getting physical, and Olympic is all about sports, then why the fuck do they have shits like ‘shooting’ in the Olympics? What does shooting has to do with sports? Exercising your fingers? Promoting the use of guns? I bet that wanking can burn even more calories than shooting… they should have made wanking an Olympics event instead. At least it doesn’t promote violence.

– I don’t understand why some people love to litter paper towels into the wash basin. There’s a big waste container nearby and they would not use it. Instead, they would throw their used papers and stuffs into the wash basin – clogging everything up, downing the entire restroom till they have nowhere to poop. And the process would repeat for years… Some people just do not deserve to breathe at all.

– If there’s indeed such thing as God, I hope that he would grant me this wish – that I would never ever meet another stupid boss again in my life. I now have a new dotted line boss – and he is the successor of Rob. He’s a sleazebag and as ugly as a big blob of amoeba. You practically can’t differentiate between his ass and his face. He ought to be paper shredded and fed to the dogs.

– What’s wrong with Alannis Morisette ? Her mouth’s too big. So big that I think it can fit 20 rhinoceros’ dick in it. Then she got these saggy boobs, wrinkled face and looks like a transvestite with a face-polio. She can’t sing for shit, can’t dance and even William Hung would spit at her. And yet she’s a superstar – what’s wrong with you people ?

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