August 18, 2004

Revenge of the raging panther

Mojo steps into the train station slowly. His eyes are like a panther’s, beady with sharp vision, searching for the killer which he has been hunting for the past 2 years. This is suppose to be another tip from his friend, that he would find Baal here.

He walks for the next hour, but Baal is nowhere in sight. Could this be another mistake? Ahh, to hell with his friend – Mojo thought. In fact, he has gotten used with his friend’s phony tips, that he has basically learned how to live with disappointment. He then walks to a nearby abandoned railway platform, whips out his dick and start to drain his lizard – as what thousands have been doing at that local train station.

He is not even paying attention… when suddenly he slips his dick and accidentally slops his own piss all over his hands. “Mader Chod!” he cusses, while wiping his hands on his pants. At the same time, he suddenly catches a glimpse from the corner of his eyes – the shadow of someone familiar. Someone whom he has been searching for years… it is Baal!

Mojo quickly give chase, with his dick still dangling out whipping all over the place. He garnered himself so much attention with his unintentional flashing that it quickly alerted Baal about the danger he is in. Baal gives out a yelp and flees into the about-to-move train. With the very last ounce of his strength, Mojo manage to catch up with the moving train and dive-grab the nearest railing available. Still panting… Mojo begins to search coach after coach for his sworn enemy… with a vengeful mood.

When he arrives to the third coach, he suddenly hears a loud blood curdling scream of a woman’s – which appears to be a female pilgrim’s reaction when she sees his semi-dark dick protruding out of his unclosed barn door. He quickly zips his pants in embarrassment. That is when he notices someone sneaking past behind him, and he could sense, that it is Baal himself!

He quickly turns around and grabs Baal’s arm. Then he clenches his fist and gives Baal a hard punch on the face – DUSSSSSHHHHHH. The noise is so loud that it staggers some of the passengers and causes some of them jump out from the train… rolling away on the side of the rail track. Mojo pulls a second punch, but this time, Baal manage to duck in time and the punch strays onto a housewife’s face. Again, a loud sound reverberates across the crowded train carriage… DUSSSSSSHHHHH. The housewife blacks out. That was a punch that not even a cow can bear. A quick scuffle ensues and Baal manage to squirm himself free from Mojo’s grasp… and the villain climbs up to the roof of the train.

The real battle begins. A fight that is so dangerous, that even standing on top of the train alone… is already an insane stunt! Mojo climbs up and comes in face to face with Baal. That is when Baal let out a big cunning cackle

“Hah hah hah ha ha haa !! Mein teri maa ko teri bhen ki choot mein chodoonga aur tera baap laltern lekar aayega !”

Mojo replies ..

“Tere maa ko sau kutte chode – sau wa tera baap!”

A moment of silence after that. Both are locking at each other’s gaze and are building up their energy to settle the score. They remain like that for the whole 10 minutes, until Mojo feels the numb on his feet. That is about the time when Baal suddenly charges forward with his flying kick… and hit Mojo square on his chest. DUSSSSSSHHHH … the hit emits a sound so loud that it almost derails the train. Mojo was catapulted about 6 feet away from the spot he stood… feet still numb.

Baal, being a very evil person, wastes no time and pins the already fallen Mojo with his weight. He is like half sitting on Mojo and starts to punch him hard repeatedly on the head and face – BISSSH DUSSSSH BISSSSH DUSSSSH BOSSSSHHHH … it is a very sad scene. Mojo is bleeding very profusely on the head from the repeated pummeling. The situation seems dire for Mojo… when suddenly, a blurry image of an old lady emerges in his fading mind. It is his deceased mother… saying to him “Tere adha Nirodh mein rah gaya…”

The 5 words, like a boost of adrenaline, resuscitated his strength to fight again. With his new found strength, he blocks both of Baal’s swinging fists, and headbutts him right at his nose – DOOBBBBBB. Then a right hook on his face – DISSSHHHHHHH. Then a left hook – DUSSHHHHHHH. And finally he takes out his belt and swings at Baal’s face – SWISSHHHHHH. Baal becomes very weak from the several critical hit and pukes. Mojo then delivers the final death blow – the flying elbow – into Baal’s ribs and it goes DOORRRKKKK! Baal slips into a gap between the carriages of the moving train… and is crushed to death. CRACCKKK ! That’s Baal’s skull split open like a peanut shell.

Mojo kneels in victory and smiles triumphantly to himself. He has finally killed Baal and fulfills his promise to his dead mother, that he would never use a chainsaw to fight. Then suddenly, a girl with a knockout body climbs up onto the train roof and wipes the blood off Mojo’s forehead… and said “a/s/l pls …” Mojo finally finds a girl he likes and they start to sing and dance together… occasionally roll on the train top. And they live happily ever after.

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