August 15, 2004

“The Village” (2004)

*spoiler alert for the The Village. Read at your own discretion.

I watched “The Village” last night. What do I think of it? It was quite ok… although it didn’t turn out quite to be what I expected. The movie’s got a horror taste, but it wasn’t really a horror movie. Just like yourself kneading a pair of fake tits. It felt soft and tender like real ones… which was good, but in fact, you’re actually kneading a bag of silicone. Something like that.

The plot’s pretty simple. It was about a group of people who got pissed with the society so much, that they decided to move into a privately owned forest reserve (which belonged to one of the rich members whose rich dad got murdered by some villains). They built a village deep inside the forest isolating themselves from civilization… and made up some fictional shit about monsters that lurk in the woods — all that to ensure their children wouldn’t leave the village.

How? Well, they have this borderline that separates the village from the woods. The imaginary monster (which was uncreatively called referred by the villagers as “Those we do not fuck or mess up with”) sort of made a mutual truce with the villagers not to cross the border to the opposite side, else, they would kill and rape all their livestocks… and then would turn the villagers into meatballs.

Cool eh? That’s where the suspense was. The audience were made to believe that the movie was all about monsters that lurk around in the woods to make the villagers’ lives miserable. But then, as I have mentioned above, all these monsters shit were made up by the elders in the village – so, there weren’t actually any real monsters in the flick. But there were a few scenes where the alleged fake monster made some appearances – which was actually acted out by one of the elders themselves. (and the latter one by one of the insane dude).

How did the fake monster look like ? It wasn’t elaborated in the movie. There was only one particular scene where the face of the fake monster was actually shown – and it was a wild boar mask with long fingernails. But I think it looked more like Splinter – you know, the giant mutant rat that taught the Ninja Turtles how to fight.

But then, interesting as it may be, I still have some comments about the movie’s storyline :

– the village was started out by a group of like… a dozen people. But inside the village, the population was like 50 – 100 (estimated). Does that mean, the elders have been fucking each other and reproduce like a bunch of horny rabbits?

– wouldn’t it be much easier to install a high voltage electric fence around the village to make sure that their children don’t loiter beyond the woods (instead of making up the monster stories)?

– ok, since the owner of the park was so rich, he could actually hire a few Banglas to act as those monsters full time… instead of depending on themselves, right? The Banglas need no mask nor long fingernails. Their face are scary enough… and their odor alone could cause hazard.

A lot of open ends … Definitely a disappointment to those who expected it to be a scary movie. But I kind of enjoyed it.

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