August 15, 2004


I really think that it is important for sites to have a rating, you know, to actually part between the good and evil… so that those who surf into a particular site have an idea what to expect based on the site rating.

I always wanted to give my site a rating, but I don’t really know how to do it myself – since I have been the one writing it myself.

So, hereby, I would like to ask for your help – please, rate my site. Just rate by percentage – whether it’s good or evil – accompanied with a short description why. Here’s an example :

“i would rate your site 98% Good, because you teach me stuffs that was not taught by mom”


“your site is 80% evil – because i think you are worse than freddy krueger.”

30% Evil is equivalent to 70% Good. Rate however way you feel like it, you get the idea. Be realistic and honest about it.

Just do it under the comments link below this post – since I am too lazy busy to run a poll.

I will average out the results, and put up a rating (based on the results) on my site at the end of the week. Cheers.

Update: the average result from the rating is – 62% evil. Cool.

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