August 14, 2004

attitude showdown

I was in the cinema ticketing counter today for an advanced booking for a show…

Me : “The Village 9.50 pm… for 6 person please.”

Bitch : [babbling something I couldn’t understand]

Bitch was the girl behind the ticketing counter. I couldn’t decipher a word she said because she spoke too fast in some broken English.

But that concerned me not as I could see from her body language that she was actually asking for confirmation on our seating.

Me : “Errr… I’d take that row… but for SIX person. You only have 5 seats selected there.” [pointing at the monitor screen]

Bitch : [shows acerbic expression as if I’ve killed her gay lover] “Is that all??”

Me : “Yes.”

Bitch : [speaking in an unfriendly tone] “Fifty four ringgit.”

I paid and left the counter. After I walked about 10 meters away, my wife Emily checked the tickets and figured something was not right. The tickets issued by the bitch was for a 5.20pm show, which wasn’t what we asked for. So, I took the 6 tickets back to the counter for an exchange.

Me : “Miss, you issued us the 5.20 pm show tickets, we asked for a 9.20 pm show”

Bitch : [grabs tickets] “You didn’t say 9.20 pm!”

Me : “I did, miss. Maybe you didn’t hear that… could you just change our tickets to the 9.20pm show?”

Bitch : “I confirmed your order on the screen just now, you should have bla bla bla… next time, don’t… bla bla bla …” [bitch bitch bitch]

Yes, she was turning the whole deal the other way round. She was trying to make it sound as if it was my fault and all that. That actually made my blood boil… that was when I realized Emily’s blood was already boiling way ahead of me…

Emily : “Hey! Are you for real?? I don’t recall you making any confirmation!”

Bitch : “Yes I did !! You guys should have … bla bla bla … bla bla bla !!!” [bitch bitch bitch]

My turn,

Me : “You absolutely DIDN’T. Just change the goddamn ticket already, and mind that attitude of yours.”

Bitch : “I DID !! I was bla bla bla … and bla bla bla …” [bitch bitch bitch]

Me : “Look bitch, it does not matter now. Now, are you going to change the fucking ticket or are you going to continue bitching about it??”

Bitch : “I’m not the one that is arguing here, you’re the one who wanted to…”

I did not let her finish her sentence. I pointed at her with my index finger, and showed her a really nasty face,

Me : “I am asking you again – are you going to change the fucking tickets??”

Bitch : “Yes I am.”

Me : “Good, just shut the fuck up and do it already.”

And she reluctantly followed my instructions. Too bad she looked like a wild hog crossed with an albino ape, else I would have asked her to suck my dick.

Bitch : “Here are your tickets SIRRRRRR and thanks for arguing” [bitch look on her face]

That was supposed to be sarcastic or something, but it was a lame effort.

Me : “Thank you bitch”

If I’m still in my wild years, I would have escalated that attitude showdown to her manager on the spot. Or probably forced my way behind the counter and kicked her groin. Young girls nowadays have no manners and deserve to be flat chested for the rest of their miserable life.

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