August 12, 2004

patriot or not?

You and I have seen it. They’re everywhere. Those flags that adorn our local automobiles on the month of August. Some would stick one on top of their windscreen, some would stick several of them around their cars. Heck, some would even drape a big one across their hood.

So, what’s with all these sudden flaunt of patriotism? Of course, we Malaysians know that it’s because we’re celebrating the National Day. Those flags are suppose to show everyone that we’re patriotic. That we’re proud to be Malaysians. That we love our country and are proud to live here. Yeah right.

These patriots, apart from decorating their car with flags, would also throng onto the streets on the National Day eve… shouting and screaming… jamming the traffic… racing and shits. They’re celebrating real hard because they feel like being patriotic. And they would stand for hours on Dataran Merdeka to watch the colorful parade with their family, and then leave heaps of burger wrappers on the street everywhere – to show everyone that they buy Malaysian goods – that’s so patriotic.

As if it’s still not patriotic enough, these patriots would also paint some graffiti behind our public lavatory doors, complimenting their friends and writing love poems … to show that they’re not illiterate, and that they’re thankful of being able to study freely in this country. Their mothers would be so proud of them.

Having said all that, I guess I don’t have to explain how do I really feel about these attention seeking shenanigans. As you can see, being a patriot isn’t just about whoring for attention using a flag. It’s far more than that …

I do not know how to be a patriot because I’m never one myself – but at least, I know how to appreciate the environment and be considerate. I have never littered anything out of my car window nor vandalized any public property before … and I always aim my dick straight whenever I take a leak at public toilets. It’s a simple thing to show how you care. (alright, I’ve vandalized my discipline teacher’s motorcycle before… but that was not a public property so, my claim still stands…)

We can see that there are a lot of ‘patriots’ out there hanging flags, but unfortunately, none of them are for real. I still see people littering about… toilets getting vandalized … handbags getting snatched… people barfing in public places (PukeMachine)… people stealing manhole covers, cars, electric cables, railway tracks, undergarments … etc. And yet, they have the audacity to claim that they’re patriots.

Patriot my ass.

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