August 10, 2004

message from a lowlife

Received an ICQ message from an unidentified source at 10.09pm last night….

Whatever : bonjour

me : ?

Whatever : hello

me : ok .. hello

Whatever : adios

me : who are you ? some mexican fuck trying to pimp for online porno ?

Whatever : me is no mexican. n watch ur langue

me : watch my language ? like what ? fuck you ? get a life … pimp somewhere else

Whatever : i can’t believe it… malaysians…uncivilised!

me : at least we don’t randomly message out to someone they don’t know and PIMP IN SPANISH … or whatever shitty language you may have learned. Moron.

Whatever : i used only one word of spanish, in case you haven’t noticed… the others were french

me : yeah, that’s very smart indeed. Very civilized. Your mom is so proud of you. Tiu. (that’s “FUCK” in cantonese).

Whatever : so… u have blocked me. never mind…

me : Rest in peace.

Whatever : u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick! u r sick!

And this moron attempted to bomb my ICQ account with perpetual “u r sick!” message. What a loser. I ignored the bastard and hoped that he would get 1 fresh growth of genital wart for each sentence of “u r sick!” he sent me…

Oh, in case you feel like venting out your anger or frustration… and in need of some practice target to spew your profanities… feel free to message this guy at ICQ UIN 296882157.

Cyberspace morons, heed these messages :

– when you want to befriend someone, always get straight to the point. Communicate in English, be articulate. Cut the a/s/l shits.

– if the person refuses to talk to you, don’t bitch. If the person doesn’t understand your message, you suck. If the person doesn’t like you, fuck off.

– if you send a hate message or hate email out to the particular person, then he/she has all the rights to publish your email address, contact info and boner content in cyberspace… and has all the prerogative to cuss your entire family without respite.

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