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July 8, 2004

cyber II

The night had been boring and I suddenly got a random ICQ message blinking *this is kinda long. be prepared to get eye fatigue.*

o : hai ice here

me : ooooh … very cold here …

o : how r u?

me : cold

o : so u r engineer?

me : a very cold engineer … brrrrrrr

o : ic so u at home now? engineer in construction line or electrical?

me : engineer in electronics… fsssshhh… i think i have a frostbite … my finger is stucked to the yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy keyyyyyyyyyy too cold

o : boring here

me : cold here … ughhh

o : hot here

me : wanna cyber ?

o : i eat laksa just now that why hot

me : alright … i put my fingers in your laksa …take it back up and lick … omg … this is so freaking explicit … your turn

o : slap ur face becoz its dirty

me : oooh… that’s painful …

o : haha…..u r funny

me : ok … i take out some crocodile clips …clips on your you-know-what … hooks it up to a 2000 watt transformer. .. and turns it on …. i just fried your titties … i am starting to like SM

[5 minutes go by]

me : slap slap … u still alive ?

o : still here

me : ok … i thought you passed out from the over-current ….

o : so no mind give me ur handphone num???

me : awww … can’t you just concentrate on our cyber ? asking for phone number in the middle of the business ?cmon …

o : haha u r afraid??

me : look … i just electrocuted your tits … and what makes you think i’m afraid … ?

o : well just kidding look if u dont want to give its ok

me : i’ll give you my number when we’re done … ok ? where are we now ? oh … ok … the electric fun … so, i unclip the crocodile clips and takes out a chainsaw ….

o : what actually u want to do????

me : oh … what i’m going to do ? zwwengggg….zwengggggg… i just cut off your tops with my chainsaw … boy … you look so sexy …

o : yakkkkk so geli

me : **laughs hysterically like a hyena high on drugs** oooh … i feel so …. agitated now … huarrgh

[5 minutes go by]

me : knock knock

o : wat???

me : why did you lock the freaking door ? this is so potong steam

o : u dont want to give me ur hp num so i want to go liao lar. so late liao lor dangerous back alone

me : why do you insist of wanting my phone number ? are you somekind of a lonely chick who’s looking for some random & wild passionate sex ? if yes… pls … i’m not that kind of person …

o : hei u also find a wrong person lar u……… just want to find a person talk to him when lonely not for sex out men

me : oh … ok … but then, i thought u’re the one who looked for me … i normally eat everything on sight…

o : aiyeee u find chicken everywhere???? my ghot!!!

me : and what has this got to do with chicken ? omg …u’re about to make me barf

o : funny…..aiya no need to angry cold down

me : i’m already cold … remember ? brrrr

o : hehe

me : cunt nina

o : well want to go liao lor take care ar dont eat to much chicken no good for ur health ok ..and next time sing muk bit girl sensitive mar

me : can’t you just go without much words ?

o : what u want to hear????

me : just go lah …

o : ok u r the first funny guy i ever seen ..wish u happy always

me : ok …. that’s better … sweet and wet dreams

o : sweet ok dont want wet dream bye

Hmm… I have a feeling that cybersex doesn’t really exist… because they never worked. For me.

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colors of the skin

*This incident happened during one of my lunches in the US last week…

Keith & I were walking out of a wooden shack cafe… when he said this to me in a rather uncomfortable manner,

Keith : “There was a guy at the back of the restaurant that has been staring at you all the while we were inside. He didn’t seem to be quite happy of you being there. ”

Me : “Well… fuck him.”

Keith, taken by surprise by my savage behavior, wasn’t really expecting the kind of response from me. And that kind of opened the window of conservativeness for both of us, who are from different cultures. We spoke a lot about racism after that.

Keith told me that even though most Americans are now matured enough to accept people of different skin colors, there are still some of them that are still in the dark about the matter. Those are usually old war veteran faggots or douche-bags, that still couldn’t get over the way they perceived the world. Some young ones too (hillbillies, rednecks, skinheads, or whatever you want call them)… and those who didn’t manage to get enough education to complete their thinking. That aside, the question is still, why those fragments of American fuckers hate us Asian so much? What makes them think that they’re more superior than our type?

Well, Keith told me it was because of the wars. The last few American wars were fought with people of our colors. The Japanese and the Vietnamese. To the Americans, we all looked the fucking same – of Asian distinct. You know… yellow skin, small eyes, big dick (eyeah… baby). Because of that, these people kind of developed a stereotypical thinking, that people with such skin colors are the enemies of their nation… and that’s why they hate us yellow skins, even years after the wars ended.

But things began to change when Bruce Lee suddenly came into the American silver screen… flashing his scarred pecs to kick Chuck Norris’ hairy ass. And they loved him so frigging much. Since then, they kinda started to learn our culture in the process – the Chinese – that we can kick asses with our martial arts… and aren’t afraid to get naked in the public as well.

They “rediscovered” the world by accident through films… and realized that there are so many different types of Asians as well. Soon, the newer generations of Americans got over the war thing, and began to accept Asians (and monosodium glutamate) as part of their culture. See the Americans today. Kungpao chickens invading almost every American homes. Tallest dude in their NBA. Heck, they even have an Asian as one of their angels. And all their stuffs are made in China (trust me… I did a lot of shopping research when I was in the States).

Say some of them still hate us Asians? Well, fuck them. Can’t please everyone in this world…

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July 7, 2004

some bitching to do

Arrived back home on Monday and crashed without regaining consciousness until this morning.

No, that was not because of the jet lag. It was because I was too frigging tired. The time for the plane to take off from Texas until I touch down at Penang was about 31 perilous hours. The food was bad, the flight attendants were hideous (American airlines are known to be like that) and deprived of proper sleep. The bad airplane food also caused some stomach discomfort and full of toxic gases. And I was reluctant to take dump inside the airplane so,… it wasn’t a very good journey for me.

And then there were those stupid security procedures at American airports. I do not understand why they only want to harass people from Muslim countries. So many fucking procedures to follow. They should have realized that terrorist nowadays comes from virtually EVERYWHERE… If they wanted to impose security measures, they should have impose them on ALL visitors. And that’s what would deem as ‘secure’. I do not know which moron from the States actually came up with all these ridiculous ideas.

Same goes to UK airport too. There was only 1 haughty and arrogant Sikh guy screening hundreds (possibly thousands) of visitors at a bottle next alley – creating a long backlog of people. And that guy actually did it with an attitude too. Checking passports and asking dumb questions, acting like he was an FBI agent. Everyone was fucking pissed, and some actually yelled back at him.

Anyway, I am glad that this is all over now. I finally got back to my own civilization. Cussing some Asian pigdogs… and complaining about the usual stuff. This is my home and nowhere else can be better than here.

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July 3, 2004

Austin – day eleven (photos)

toys for the big boys.

this customized bike comes with a V8 engine. goddamn.

arrival of some bikers. looking for a space to park.

some bikes that I dig.

one of my favorites.

one of my favorites.

this isn’t a bike. this is a car. a very nice looking old car.

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Austin – day eleven

Our days are beginning to lighten up. We have basically wrapped up whatever unsettled business we had at Austin. That was why we were kinda like hanging out without really working. Shawn (one of the seniors) was here today and brought myself and Cheecheongfun out for lunch.

I’ve forgotten what was the place called but, it was basically another barbecue joint, but unlike the previous one we went to, this was with dressed to kill waitresses. Tight T’s with hot pants so short that I could see bare asses in broad daylight. It was a nose bleeding event. The lunch was mediocre, probably great but I was too busy ogling at asses and tits.

Evening, went to have dinner with Keith & his wife, together with my Asian colleagues. Big crowd. Keith brought us to a nice place called Sam’s boat. The place was famous for its oysters. And they’re indeed good. Taken raw with radish and some kind of chili sauce. It was out-of-this-world. Cheap too. 25 cents per oyster (they’re all very big in size), 3 of us took like 72 oysters (the rest do not eat raw food).

Then, Keith brought us to a biker gathering event – which was held every Thursday at Austin. Pictures to follow.

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