July 24, 2004

“I, Robot” (2004)

I didn’t blog yesterday because I wasn’t at home. My office had blocked the use of blogger so, I kinda have to blog from home now.

So, where did I go last night? I went to watch “I,Robot”. Not bad… a few comments though (warning- I don’t give a shit about letting out spoilers… such as Will Smith is a 1/4 robot…, so, fucking read at your own discretion..):

– the computer animated graphics weren’t really good. The robots ran like wimps and didn’t really look scary enough. I think they have to spend more time rendering, instead of rushing for datelines. Maybe lack of funds…

– The new NS-5 robot looks shitty. Why the human eyes and face ? It just doesn’t make sense. If we ever wanted our robots to look like human, well, we could have hired Filipino maids or Bangladeshi’s. Much cheaper. (side note: the NS-5 robot also uncannily resembled our Penang’s chief minister’s face)

– I noticed that the NS-5 domestic helper robots could climb walls, somersault, kick asses, basically – able to perform any stunts that mimics Jet Li or Jackie Chan – too much for a domestic helper, don’t you think?

– The evil artificial intelligent boss (VIKI) created NS-5 robot with remarkable agility with a sinister plan to take over the world. If that thing’s so intelligent, why didn’t it make the robots bulletproof as well? That doesn’t sound very intelligent to me…

– In the movie, there was this solution of microscopic robots that was used to destroy robotic system or something, forgot what it’s called. The boss actually kept this solution in the same building with her (yes, the boss’ a female artificial intelligent character). Knowing that this could be dangerous… wouldn’t it make more sense if the thing were to destroy the solutions to eliminate any possibility of it being gotten into the wrong hands? Why keep it and have it conveniently reachable by a hero who has shitloads of plans to thwart of your plans to take over the world?

But then, storyline was not at all bad. There were some twists to it. At least it was not just any cheesy plot to destroy the world and some dude prevented it with his heroic one-man-army attitude. If I were to be asked to give a rating to this flick, I would have given it a 6 out of 10 marks – just because I liked that Audi car…

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