July 16, 2004

2 girls and a pair of rubber gloves

You know, we people tend to associate human look with scents. It’s like an inherent characteristics in us, you know. Here are a couple of examples:

When I see a pretty hot chick, I would imagine how nice she smells. And automatically, if she walks by, I would take a deep whiff of her womanly scent. Ahhh… Sometimes when I’m deprived of sleep and have a weak mind, the scent could even trigger some sort of erotic day dream. And no, of course not to the extend of visiting the toilet to fap, but sort of giving me the elevation to a higher level… you get the idea.

See a Bangla? I would have a totally different reaction. Somehow, this could be due to bad experiences I had previously. It seems like they have a genetically hardcoded odoriferous body, that was beyond any known remedy or cure. They have the same type of fetid stench of a cockroach… that it is hard to distinguish them both. The sight of a Bangla would remind me of a roach. The sight of a cockroach on the other hand, would remind me of a Bangla. You usually hold your breath or dive for cover when you see any of them around.

So, the 2 example above basically explains the point I’m trying to make here – that our human brain tends to judge how a person smells like, through visual contact – before it allows the nose to whiff the actual smell.

But yesterday, I encountered an extraordinary experience of such phenomenon. I saw 2 nice looking young chicks walking towards my direction, and I was walking opposite their’s. It was a narrow 3 ft corridor so, we kinda have to brush through each other in a very close proximity. From the way they looked, I kinda expected some flowery scents or maybe a common smell armpit deodorant/anti-perspirant.

Confidently, I staged out my nostrils to whiff some, sucking their essence of youth as they walk by. According to some experts (don’t ask me which expert), doing so can actually prevent my company shares from dropping so… I have to be selfish. WHIFFFFFF… smell goes into my nasal chute and my brain started to process their scents. An image pops up – Rubber glove.

WTF ? Analyze again – rubber glove. No kidding, one of the ladies actually smelled like a pair of rubber gloves. You know, the type that is popular amongst dentists?

Now, why rubber glove ? Escapes me. It freaked me out. Maybe both the girls had just came out from the toilet doing some sick anal sex thing to each other… with their hands, wearing rubber gloves. Ughh…

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