July 15, 2004

new me

I’m doing a trial run on the “new” me – a person who speaks zero profanity. Test subject #1, graceshu.

Me : grace

Graceshu : hi

Me : how are you today ?

Graceshu : kinda tired. but am aoky :D how r u?

Me : I am fine.

Graceshu : okay. hows emily?

Me : Emily is fine as well. Thank you.

Graceshu : whats up?

Me : I can see the ceiling.

Graceshu : okay.

Me : Have you taken your dinner, Grace ?

Graceshu : who is this?

Me : My name is Michael Ooi. I thought you know me.

Graceshu : you’re scary i dont want to talk to you. goodbye.

Me : hahah … fuck …

Graceshu : :P

Me : it’s weird to talk nicely … isn’t it ?

Graceshu : dont scare kids away pls.

Me : hahah … me lah … tiiuuu

Graceshu : abit out of character lah

Graceshu : yes tiu.

Me : damn … actually … why do they teach us that kinda stuff in school eh ? we’re not gonna sound ok if we learn everything they taught in school ….

Graceshu : it works for some people. but i’m not used to it on you. thats why it scared me cos it’s rather out of character.

Me : ok .. sorry ler … ehehehhe … damn that was funny …

Test result = FAILED.

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