July 3, 2004

Austin – day eleven

Our days are beginning to lighten up. We have basically wrapped up whatever unsettled business we had at Austin. That was why we were kinda like hanging out without really working. Shawn (one of the seniors) was here today and brought myself and Cheecheongfun out for lunch.

I’ve forgotten what was the place called but, it was basically another barbecue joint, but unlike the previous one we went to, this was with dressed to kill waitresses. Tight T’s with hot pants so short that I could see bare asses in broad daylight. It was a nose bleeding event. The lunch was mediocre, probably great but I was too busy ogling at asses and tits.

Evening, went to have dinner with Keith & his wife, together with my Asian colleagues. Big crowd. Keith brought us to a nice place called Sam’s boat. The place was famous for its oysters. And they’re indeed good. Taken raw with radish and some kind of chili sauce. It was out-of-this-world. Cheap too. 25 cents per oyster (they’re all very big in size), 3 of us took like 72 oysters (the rest do not eat raw food).

Then, Keith brought us to a biker gathering event – which was held every Thursday at Austin. Pictures to follow.

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