July 1, 2004

my mandarin improved

Some mandarin that I’ve learned from Cheecheongfun

loong lungber – the number of a portion of space within a building or other structure, separated by walls or partitions from other parts. a.k.a. room number

mekloluh – a famous american fast food chain/restaurant that serves shitty food. a.k.a. McDonald’s

joong – a male given name. a.k.a John

poh se – the last name of current president of United States a.k.a Bush. (Keith swore that he actually heard it as “pussy”).

flung fly – thin strips of potato that have been deep-fried. a.k.a french fries.

sung – the star that is the central body of the solar system, around which the planets revolve and from which they receive light and heat. a.k.a sun.

few as it may seem but, this is my first step towards Chinese literary. I believe I can do it.

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