July 1, 2004

Austin – day seven & eight

Nothing much happened on day 7 & 8. Short and summarized entry.

day seven
– initial plan on day 7 = some fun at John’s ranch (John is the manager of the team)
– he has a few quads that we could ride on his muddy ranch.
– early morning, the guys called in that the plan was canceled.
– rain on previous night had caused the place too muddy to ride.
– changed plan to do some shopping at San Marcos factory outlet instead, which was about 37 miles away.
– shopped till drop and until evening.
– went to an XXX shop at night with a couple of colleagues.
– never seen so many types of dildos before – dumbfucked.
– went back to hotel at 10pm.

day eight
– worked till 5pm
– went to have more steak buffet lunch
– then went to hang out at Austin State Capitol and took some pics.
– went back to hotel at 8pm.

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