June 16, 2004


Last night, inside my car.

Emily : “Dear, promise me one thing. Drive carefully in Austin.” [I’ll be flying there for a business trip this weekend]

Me : “I’m always careful. Don’t worry, baby.”

Emily : “Refrain yourself from picking your nose or teeth. It will affect your concentration.”

Me : “Did you just say ‘don’t pick my nose or teeth’?”

Emily : “Yes. Don’t do that when you’re driving..”

Me : “Oh pleaseee… I’ve never done that sort of things before! What makes you say that?”

Emily : “Yes you did.”

Me : “No I didn’t. At least not when I’m driving! You’re sick!”

Emily : “Whatever”

Me : [picks my nose and flicks some micro-boogers at Emily] “You asked for it.”

Emily : “Eeeeek!!!” [responds with a smacking reflex at the same time]

Girls… they always misunderstand us guys.

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