June 9, 2004

which is better ?

A conversation with a friend in ICQ last night …

Me : 34 B too small

friend : i think is just perfect.

Me : C is the best lar…

friend : nononono. 34B !!

Me : 33C is good… if D… it would be awesome …Emily – 33C

friend : adui. no. 34B.

Me : ex gf – 33B not that good

friend : I INSIST.

Me : i tried 33B before (almost same lah) … not impressive…

friend : 33 not same lah

Me : what … u 34B mia pasal ?

friend : 1 inch damn alot difference u know

Me : aiyah .. the nipple can change size one mah… can compensate that 1 inch somemore

friend : heh. 34B when normal then.

Me : 34 B ? i think too much flesh at the back lah. macam itu hunchback of notre damn

friend : no la u never see b4 =/ u never share changing rooms w girls u will never know. hehehhehehehehe

Me : ok … let me find one .. and give opinion. i tried 35 C before … it’s AWESOME

friend : when she’s 35 it will be at her waist. *URL removed*

Me : nope .. it’s firm … the girl’s 170 cm tall … damn curvy bodylah

friend : you wait la when she grow old.

Me : oh wait .. why am i telling u this ? u’re *name removed* … damn

friend : =P i used to have slumber parties k in my room. girls changing there very publicly. also used to swim. changing rooms full of them lah.

Me : hah … but u only get to see … i get to touch leh

friend : aiyer i dunwan to touch.

Me : coz u are a girl maa…

friend : shit la women are dangerous creatures k. cannot simply touch

Me : tell me something i don’t know …

friend : abit stoopid right to play with fire. =P i keep away frm them lah. i prefer men.

Me : damn … coz you’re fire yourself lah …dongoi

friend : yalah. true. hehehhe

Lessons learnt –
1) not only guys are obsessed with boobies
2) some girls forget about their sexuality at times… which can be weird.
3) girls are dangerous creatures

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