June 9, 2004

long and crazy night (pt 2)

Soon, we ran out of porn. I was also before long, the house owner’s father came home. No more fun – we thought. But that was just the beginning. It appeared that the friend’s father was a booze brewing enthusiast, and had been brewing some booze at home. To him, that night was an opportunity for him to get feedback for his stuff – and we were all eager to test out his booze for him.

And that, was the first time I ever tried liquor. Not very strong but they were good enough to give us an idea how alcohol was like. We drank together and talked and laughed about the porn movie that we just watched. Some of the guys even went to the toilet for a prolonged period for some special reason.

We did not get drunk that night as my friend’s father wasn’t really evil enough to ply minors with alcohol. He was a responsible person so, we didn’t get to drink much. We hung out until it was midnight, and then we went to the nearby mamak stall to get something to eat… and talked more about the porn movie there. And again, that was the first time I had been to a mamak stall that operates way after midnight…

Alright, then we returned to the house, and someone took out a deck of playing cards. Before I realize what we should do next, the guys were getting ready with their pocket money for a few games of poker and blackjacks, and the place instantly became a casino… with teenage boys shouting profanities, some imitating the moans from the porn… and some were even howling when they lost a game or two. It was a busy night for all of us… and we went mad until it was way past 2am.

By 3am, everyone started to get tired… and there were only a few of us left with the gambling (I was one of them). Some of the guys simply stopped and hung out at the corner of the big room to discuss… again… about that unbelievable porn movie. Henry was the only one who’s asleep.

When we realized that we’re out of activity, the house owner came up with an idea. He brought out his blue magic marker pen and started to draw some whiskers on Henry’s face. We then broke into a comatose inducing laughter – which we tried hard to suppress so not to wake Henry up. Then, each of us took turn to ink something on my Henry’s face… until there was no space left. His face became like some boogeyman from the Borneo jungle with weird tattoos.

*to be continued…

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