June 2, 2004

somebody tell me …

Sent my mobile phone for a complete medical checkup. Scanned it with the most advanced medical equipment to-date aka digital camera and here are the results ..

a – speckles of white substances blocking the visual organ. Appears to be some light particles deposited from electrostatic charge on the part. An early sign of glaucoma.

b – dark layer of inner epidermal alienating the visual appeal of button. Signs of wear/tear from a prolonged period of repeated abrasion of surface.

c – silver paint flaking off revealing an irregular patches/blotches of white plastics. The subject is clearly suffering some form of vitiligo (search: Michael Jackson) in it’s terminal state.

d – discoloration of sorts observed on the area at the top of the visual organ. Lack of B-complex that causes a rare malnourishment that causes rapid deterioration of the pigment.

Somebody tell me… that my mobile phone is still in it’s pink of health.

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