May 27, 2004

how it felt like

I finally knew how wearing a thong (G-string as some call it…) feels like. An unintentional discovery.

You see, I was wearing this worn out underwear of mine yesterday – you know, the type which its latex band has lost its elasticity… and is loose at basically almost all the 3 sides. Particularly the part where it is suppose to hug my balls, perineum and my ass.

The thing was so loose, that it almost felt like wearing a boxer shorts, minus the length. I have to admit that wearing a worn out underwear feels more comfortable than wearing a new one. And that’s probably the reason why I’m still pretty much reluctant to discard that worn out underwear already.

Alright, back to the underwear – so I was wearing a fitting khaki to work yesterday and somehow, I didn’t realize that a fitting trouser does not go very well with a worn out underwear. And I found out soon enough as the day progressed.

By noon, when I was about to go out for my lunch, I somehow felt something wasn’t right with my butt. It felt… awkward. As if it was bare naked and I was feeling very uncomfortable. In a desperate bid to find out what was going on, I copped a feel of my own butt in hope to discover something… and then lo and behold! I could not find my underwear! My butt cheeks were basically smooth and uncovered, obscured with just only my khaki pants.

Unable to fathom what went wrong, I scurried to the toilet to ‘search’ for my underwear. A quick check by unzipping my pants to see if the sleeping giant would directly fall out like an *oliphaunt trunk. Much to my relief, it did not. It was safely tucked inside… which means, my underwear was still there. Somehow, the hind section of the underwear had wedged into my butt crack like a thong… and exposed the full moon in the middle of the day.

So, what actually happened? Explanation: the elastic strip was suppose to be strong enough to stretch the underwear’s coverage diagonally across my butt cheek…and forms the ‘V’ shape on it. When the thing lost its elasticity, that means, it’ll have no retention force at all around my butt… just like a piece of loin cloth. So, when I moved around a lot, the free play section will actually slip across the round surface of my ass (plus friction from the fitting khaki surface)… forcing it to wedge into the crevice — forming a virtual G-string/thong effect. That was how it happened.

Did I like it? Not a bit. It felt as if I was wearing a loin cloth with a holim in front — just like those savages deep inside the Amazonian jungle. Plus, I didn’t feel comfortable with something stuck inside my ass… you know… touching the orifice and all that. It will probably distort the sound of my fart and causes some paranoid reaction from the public that there’s something wrong with my ass — which is not true.

Don’t understand why the girls like to wear thongs so fucking much. They can actually choose to wear some see through lingerie if they wanted to look sexy… you know. After all, those garbs are gonna be off the body when the humping time comes. And I also reckon that it’ll be quite difficult to wash off the stains on ‘the string’ that comes in contact with the asshole for the whole hot and sweaty day …

*oliphaunt = the mutated megasize elephant featured in The Lord Of the Rings : ROTK. Note that it is much bigger… and has a longer trunk. Eheheh..

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