May 26, 2004

last night

Emily & I did something remarkably important and meaningful last night. No… we did not have sex on my boss’ office desk and squirt slops of recycled semen on it.

We went to get our wedding photos taken. Well, not exactly a photo taking session yet but, yesterday was the day for us to choose what to wear for the wedding photo, which will probably occur next month.

History: Emily and I had registered as each other’s sex slave 2 years ago… And we did not intend to make our marriage a grand one… like organizing a reception and getting ourselves exhausted. We plan to have it our way and to hell with all the traditions. Just the oath and registration… and a budgeted wedding photo package – the latter which have been delayed until yesterday.

This was what happened yesterday,

1830 hours – appointment time due at 1900 hours. I am still on the phone with someone at work. Emily is getting nervous.

1845 hours – I finally head my way to bridal house after the phone call.

1900 hours – Emily’s mood turns bad when she found out that we will be late. She starts to curse at anything in our car’s way… cars, drivers, pedestrians, stray cats, dogs, etc.

1935 hours – Finally arrives at bridal house. Bridal house attendants (BHA) resembled a bunch of cash deprived werewolves waiting to mug someone… and innocent me walks into their lar… and had my destiny changed forever…

1945 – 2100 hours – The BHAs starts to dress Emily up with various selections of bridal gowns, dresses and other flowery paraphernalia’s that makes her look like an entirely different person. As for myself, I’m suppose to sit by the side and give shit ass opinions about all the dresses. – eg: “wahaggghhh !! You looked like a Fabuloso container on that dress! It’s going to spoil the film and blind the photographer!!”

2100 – 2130 hours – The BHAs decides to mug me more by bringing Emily to a VIP section that features designer ranged dresses/gowns (which translates to EXTRA FEE, if you want them…). Emily gleefully put on one that she likes and ends up choosing it. I instantly turn into a zombie – livid, blank, emotionless, and moan instead of talk.

2135 hours – The mugging ceremony adjourns… but only for a short while, as the BHAs arrange for another session again this coming Sunday and Emily signs up for it. Reason? MORE VIP dresses to come… *tears seep out from my eye pockets and shimmer like Japanese anime school girls

That night, I lost 2 over grands… and more to come. If it wasn’t the girls, the boys would probably have probably opted for a simple Polaroid photo on a club scene background for a wedding photo instead of getting blood sucked by those BHAs. *poignantly shakes head in disbelief*

But then, as I was thinking deeply, for 2 grands (and more to come)… it could be well worth the suffering and tears… to see one’s own life partner looking so effervescently beautiful and happy in her wedding dress… and have her most youthful smile frozen inside a glossy album… preserving the proof of our love for many years to come. It’s even harder to believe that 2 grands (and more to come) can actually buy all that.

(leave me alone, I am actually pacifying myself with ridiculous excuses)

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