May 25, 2004

sohai bird

I was talking on the phone while doing about 50 kph on a street. Had just picked up Emily from work and was heading home. On the phone, was a mongoloid vendor who couldn’t get enough of me at work, and I was damn busy lambasting him for being such a consummate asshole.

Then out of a sudden, 2 birds (mynah species) appeared out of nowhere and flew across in front of my car. They looked like they were playing “achilok” or something… and was chasing each other happily. The first one got through pretty close but the second one was a bit unfortunate. Its head kind of collided with my car’s hood, and I could hear a faint “tuk!” sound. I was expecting it to crash from the concussion, but surprisingly, it didn’t.. and managed to fly away…

Both myself and Emily were dumbfounded (bear in mind I was still talking on the phone) and couldn’t believe the blunder that we’ve just saw. Then suddenly, Emily broke into a hysterical laugh… while myself suppressing hard not to laugh (because I was still on the phone with that idiot vendor).

I don’t fucking know what’s wrong with that bird but, I can make a few wild speculations :

1) sohai bird was having way too much fun with “achilok” to notice my oncoming car.
2) sohai bird was a beginner in flying
3) sohai bird was trying to kill itself

Well, whatever the reason is, there’s one thing that I’m sure of. Don’t use your mobile phone when you’re driving. It’s fucking dangerous. Might damage your car when you hit some innocent animals… which is a super bad thing to happen. I was lucky today that I’ve only hit a bird playing “achilok” crossing the road. It would have been catastrophic if those 2 happens to big dogs or perhaps cows…

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