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April 1, 2004

a new friend

A few months ago, when I was unlocking my apartment door, I noticed a small sized lizard partially hiding beside the shoe cabinet. When the lizard figured out that I saw him, it quickly fled the place. The lizard had a detached tail… and was brown in color. I went on my way ignoring him.

Then, on the next day, the same thing happened. I saw the lizard again. I knew it was the same lizard because I can recognize it’s stubbed tail. And again… the little guy fled. I ignored him and went on my way. Soon, this kind of became a daily drill for both of us (me and the lizard). Everyday, I would see the same lizard loitering around my apartment entrance, and the same process repeats, again and again — me see lizard, lizard flee and I ignore him. After about a week, I told Emily about the lizard… and both of us decided to name the lizard – Skippy; after my ex-neighbor’s cat. (note: also the same name for the white cat that I have vandalized during my schooling years.)

One day (that’s about 2 weeks after my first encounter with Skippy), I decided to act friendly and struck a conversation with the lizard. Before he started flee that day, I abruptly stopped him by yelling “Hey lizard!”. He stared back at me with his pair of beady eyes, pausing upside down above the ceiling. I broke the moment of silence by talking out to him…

“Saw you lurking here for a few weeks already”
“Yeah.” Skippy responded.
“What’s with the fleeing act man?”
“Look, how do I know if you’re gonna smack me up? I take no chances”
“Alright, I mean no harm. You don’t have to be scared of me”
“Cmon.. you would’ve been dead I wasn’t serious about this”

He nodded and came back down and rested himself on the topmost portion of the shoe rack – still with a very cautious look.

“Do you normally greet lizards like this every time you see one ?”
“No… this is my first time talking to a lizard.”
“I see. Same here. First time talking to a human”
“No shit. So, what’s up ?”
“Naahh… just looking for some bugs… you know… dinner.”
“Say, do you have a name or something that I can call you?”
“You called me ‘lizard’ just now. I guess I can go with that”
“Actually… my wife and I sort of gave you a name… you know.”
“youknow? That’s a shitty name. Call me ‘lizard’ anytime”
“Noooo… we gave you the name Skippy, after the brown cat that used to live next door”
“Skippy… hmmm… after a cat, cool. Never thought I’d have my own name… thanks.”

And from then on, started our one-of-a-kind friendship. I tried to invite him into my place but, he declined — apparently, he had an appointment with another group of lizards from the nearby neighborhood… they were having a bug party or something.

Nevertheless, we bade our farewells and went on our way. From that day onwards, we started to have a short chat every time I came home from work… and he never fled from me ever since.

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