April 30, 2004

dumb acts : pear

Circa 1998, I was with Emily and her female friends in KL for the New Year celebration. One of our group companion was Pear — a decent girl who is one of Emily’s best friend and had actually never visited KL in her life before.

A little bit about this Pear : she’s an eccentric fuck. Hobby is to sit near a desk by herself and scribble garbage characters with a pen on a paper… while staring into blank space chanting something that nobody in this world could understand (yes, she does that all the time). Everyone tried to assure me that she isn’t actually psychotic but I’m not really convinced. She’s a goddamn freak in my humble opinion.

Alright, during our trip to KL, the girls insisted to try out KL’s LRT, so I played nice and brought them to the Amcorp mall LRT station. It’s 3 bucks (back then) for a ride to Central market. I forgot actually how we bought the ticket but, I remember there was a machine for us to slot in 3 one-ringgit coins into the coin-slot to purchase the trip ticket.

Now, Pear… she was caught with a dilemma. She realized that she only had 3 one-ringgit NOTES… no coins. Well, it would have been easy for anyone, because we’d go to the nearby counter and exchange for some coins. But not for Pear. Apparently, she had this bright idea of FOLDING the 3 one-ringgit paper notes and attempted to stuff them into the coin slot. I saw the whole thing unfolding before me and almost had a heart attack laughing. She of course froze immediately when she heard me laughing like a madman…

“AHAHAHHH !! YOU STUPID FUCK !!! AHAHAHAHHHH” I jeered at her while snorting out my nostril lining… almost to the brink of throwing up.

Emily and her friends hooted me at first for ridiculing her cold heartedly like thi … but it wasn’t long before they started to burst out laughing together with me. I wonder what would have happened if she actually DID MANAGE to stuff in those notes into the coin slot.

Now… somebody tell me she (Pear) isn’t actually stupid.

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