March 30, 2004


This morning, while I was driving to work, I noticed a mother carrying a school bag for her son — and her idiot son was capering happily in front of her. Man, if I were to be the kid’s father, I would have given him a piledrive into the drain. How could he do that to his mom who cooks, washes and cares for him?? This is too much.

When I was a kid, I carried my own schoolbag. No doubt they weighted like a bag of concrete, but what the hell, those were my books. Not my mom’s. If anyone should be carrying the books for my own good, it has got to be me myself. Kids are pampered and spoiled too much nowadays. They only know how to surf porn on the internet, nothing else.

But then, I also have always been wondering… why are those kids required to carry so many books to school? I mean, why can’t someone install lockers at schools… so that they can keep their stuffs there? Instead of carrying books to school, students can choose which book to take back home for their revisions. It’s much more practical and convenient that way.

Things that people should have done but never did.

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