March 29, 2004

immoral bird

My alarm clock has been around for 19 years. I’m not kidding. My mom bought it when I was 8 years old and it has been waking me up since then. During the years, it has endured many kinds of hardships, like being dropped on the floor, being dropped on the floor… and being dropped on the floor. The repeated concussion had caused it to be a little bit ‘off’ – the alarm will trigger 15 minutes earlier than the set time.

Recently, the little guy decided to give up on me. It started to show some symptoms of quitting its life. Sometimes, it will just keep quiet and let us sleep longer than required. It was an evil act needless to say. And usually, I won’t wake until the goddamn cuckoo bird (not sure if it’s a cuckoo bird though) outside my apartment started to wail like mad — and that’s usually at 7am. The bird seems to have some kind of biological clock that was directly connected to it’s vocal chord/beak… and never had it once failed to wake me up whenever my alarm clock plays silent.

But today, it finally happened. This time, it’s the bird’s biological clock that gave up on him. Instead of wailing out at 7am, the bastard-bird wailed exactly 3 hours earlier – 4am in the wee hours of the morning. The bird’s wail only means one thing to me — I’m late for work and I better get the fuck up already. Upon hearing the bird’s wail, I immediately jumped up from my sleep and scurried into the bathroom to get a quick bath.

And right before I was about to enter the bathroom, I shouted at Emily who was still sleeping (usually, I’m the one who wakes her every time we’re late for work) –

“Emily!! Wake up! the damn bird wailed!! we’re late for work!!”.
“zzz … huh? zzz ”
“Wake up! Do you know what time it is??”
“…what are you talking about?”
“About the time… goddamn it! We’re late! Wake up!!”
[grab watch] “hmmm… but it’s only 4am in the morning…”
“yeah… 4 am in the morning.”
“Are you sure it’s 4am in the morning??”
[check alarm clock] “yes… I’m absolutely sure”

Words cannot describe my frustration at that particular moment. Luckily, I didn’t take my shower yet before discovering the bummer – else, it would have been catastrophic. I went back to sleep ignoring the stupid bird… who was still wailing out loud as if there’s no tomorrow…

I think it’s time for me to get a new alarm clock… now that I know the stupid bird is not as reliable anymore. Birds suck.

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