March 28, 2004

honda city

Who say you need an expert to review a car? Bullshit. I can do it too (despite the fact that I know nuts about cars).

I was looking at a Honda City, and can’t help to think — what an ugly car it is. Short front… and long back. According to some expert, it is suppose to be a ‘bubble design’ concept, which is kind of an important for my neighbor’s dog to sustain an erection without a bitch. Kidding. It’s suppose to make the car more aerodynamic. To some less techie dudes, aerodynamic is a type of very fast bird.

Well, it looks like a direct cross from Honda Jazz (the short front) plus our Asian uncanny preference of big trunks — thus, they came up with the design of Honda City. Talking about big trunk, I do not understand why we Asians want cars with big trunks. Personally speaking, I don’t mind cars having a small trunk. Why would we need such a big trunk? To stuff our mother in law inside? Not me. I only use it store my 24-7 ready 10 lbs bowling ball and a pair of soccer boots inside.

The new Honda City definitely was designed to suit the taste of us Asians – referring, again, to the short front (good for those idiots who have problems parking their car) and the gigantic trunk. 500 liters, enough to store 6 mother in laws inside (depends on your mother in law size). The final look is — something that resembled the flower horn fish. It’s fucking ugly (fugly). I bet if a kid were to draw a Honda City and submit the work to his art teacher — he would get a real thorough spanking for drawing a lopsided car… and get a -F for it. No shit.

I went to the Honda showroom yesterday and frankly speaking, although I didn’t like the look of that darn car, I was quite impressed with the quality of its interior. Everything felt solid and in its place. Some say it is luxurious – but I am pretty sure those are just a bunch of yokels that are unfamiliar with cream colored interior or probably has not seen a luxury car before. It’s neat and pretty inside – yes. Luxurious? – still a lot to add.

Alright, I tried to ask for a test drive but unfortunately, the demo car wasn’t in – so, I kinda missed the driving part. Hence, I did the next best thing – I positioned myself on the driver’s seat and fiddled around with its control like a virgin kid’s first experience feeling a girl’s body. The very first thing I noticed was – its limited leg room under the steering. It’s too fucking small for fully grown guy like me. I mean, it doesn’t even have enough space to house a simple foot rest… and if my size 10 shoe were to be any bigger, it would be impossible for me to stretch both legs when driving.

It would have been better if the trunk were to be made smaller to give more space to the cabin. I prefer a larger cabin anytime than having a large trunk. The car is more suitable for a young girl or a housewife, and definitely not an ideal ride for a savage bloke like me.

But nevermind, not that I’m interested in Honda City anyway. I was just curious of it’s fame… and went to check if it really lives up to its reputation. Apparently not. The car’s ugly – period. Besides, nobody really knows if the CVT gearbox would cost an arm and a leg when it needs to be replaced.

I walked out of the showroom without looking back. Time to move to other options.

*If one’s asking why the sudden craze about cars – yes, I am planning to change my car. Budget? 85K max. I’m now scouring for bits of info to aid my buying.

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