March 26, 2004

is it locked ?

I was listening to yesterday — the DJ’s were talking about some people who has this uncanny habit of being unsure if they’ve already locked their car. It was that kind of discussion where they allowed users to call-in to share their shitass opinions & ideas about it.

Cool – I thought. I face the same problem myself too. I occasionally would feel unsure whether I’ve switched off my car lights very frequently… and on most cases, I had to walk back to check on my car, which is no doubt a waste of time not to mention silly. Maybe there is something that I can learn from this radio programme after all – I thought.

The discussion then went further to other variance of symptoms — whether the house door is locked… or whether their fly is open (I made this up)… etc. It was then, a housewife called in to suggest a remedy. She suggested to shout out “FUCK” each time one locks a door or anything. Kidding. She actually suggested to shout “LOCKED”. According to her, the shouting would help one remember better… as the loud exclamation would surely burn a deeper impression in their memory.

Well, not bad for a housewife – she actually developed her own idea of remembering things and… she gets to shout at the same time (we all know they like to shout a lot). Her shouting solution then gave me an insight to come up with another better idea. A more efficient way of telling if you’ve really locked your anything. Here it is :

Ok, all you need to do, is to adopt the habit of giving yourself a bite on your hand… each time you lock your car or door. A bite that is hard enough to leave dental impression on your skin. When you’re unsure of anything, just look at your hands if there’s any bite mark… if yes, that means you’ve locked your ….car/door. Easy and effective. The bite mark would automatically disappear over time… and you get to repeat the whole thing as and when necessary.

If you don’t like biting yourself to remember stuff, well, you can bite your pet dog as an alternate option. But the downside is… you’ll need to bring along your dog everywhere you go… to be able to check on the bitemarks. I wouldn’t recommend that though… because it’s quite inconvenient to bring your pet everywhere you go, and also, the consideration that you might forget to bring your pet. And your pet dog might bite back and leave an even DEEPER impression on your skin instead.

Oh well… good luck trying.

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