March 24, 2004

let out session

I goddamn hate popup ads. Why would anyone create popup ads?? Just to annoy the fuck out of us?? I don’t understand. Everyone knows, no one likes popup ads – and yet there are still idiots out there who thinks that it is a cool idea.

Recently, my computer has been infected with something that is worse than a virus. Some script or whatever that was installed automatically into my browser. Each time I click a URL or refresh a page, there will be fucking pop ups coming out. Fuck.

If any of you happens to be one of those people who played a part in creating pop ups, whether directly or indirectly, let me remind you something here. It’s wrong. Just like how your parents conceived your imbecile character. Your existence is already a mistake, why making it worst? Why not do something more useful like community service (giving blowjobs to orphans)? Or maybe volunteer yourself to animal shelters (giving blowjobs to animals)? Just, get yourself a life, will ya??

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