March 23, 2004

new voting system

I’m sure everyone knows about the election. Recount and recount… and they get different results every time. Just, what does that mean? It means that the current method of voting is not efficient. Period.

Since we’re now in the computer age, I wonder why SPR has not already consider changing the voting system into a full fledged electronics one. It is very simple… really, and we already have the technology to do it. Here is how they can make it happen:

The idea utilizes the use of MyKAD, our much touted smart identification card (it isn’t really ‘smart’ per se but, just able to keep a few hundred k’s of personal data in it). The voting will be held in a highly restricted compound, and the voter can access the compound electronically (can be controlled with an electronic turnstile or whatever) by using his/her MyKAD. Then have a few guards (or bouncers) to guard the place up, and probably hire a few more PRO’s (pretty girls? I don’t know…) to guide the voters around.

Since the idea is to go electronic, there will be no more traditional “X” marking on a ballot. Instead, the voter will get a computer slip form and get to shade the shading box under their favorite party with a marker and once that is done, just slot the damn slip into a machine. This is pretty much like how the Toto counter does for your betting ticket/form… you know. Everything will be counted electronically with that in place. (if you don’t know what’s a Toto… go find the nearest toilet bowl, put your head into it and flush)

The user will then have to wait for a confirmation from the machine before leaving the booth. If reject, machine will spit out the slip (for re-shade) coupled with a few preset vulgar scolding from a built-in speaker
eg: “Shade properly you moron!”, “Did your parents missed your brain when you were conceived??”, you get the idea. The system is flawless.

And if there were to be any vandalism activity (you know some people can be such an ass) in the voting booth, the bouncer on duty can storm in anytime to give the perpetrator a good whooping and had the guy arrested or whatever. It’s pretty much the same deal as how they handled those drunk bastards brawling inside pubs.

So, you see, there is no room left for discrepancies or hiccups. Contesting candidates would – without doubt – feel more confident about the results. And this will also eliminate those labor needed to count the heaps of stone age ballots.

Those banners on roadside shall also be made obsolete – replaced with billboard LED panels (like a very huge TV) on streets that shows animated party campaign. Speeches and ceramahs can be streamed through live webcasts… and for those without computers, can flock to a fully sponsored cybercafe (by the candidates) to watch the webcasts. Splendid… isn’t it? It’s cool, it’s space age, it’s environmentally friendly and it’s safe (look ma, no need to fucking recount no more)

Everything would be computerized and fail safe. Unless of course, the authorities happen to forget to update their virus definition and causes a nation-wide infection. But this is a small matter than can be overseen by some responsible personnel… the advantage clearly out-weights the cons here.

I wonder why isn’t there anyone doing this already… don’t we have any smart people in the country? I conceived this idea while I was taking a dump man…

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