March 23, 2004

faux pas

There’s a weird dude in your neighborhood. You abhorred him because he is evil. He always go around places molesting everything, anytime he likes. Then one day, he went too far. He sodomized your brother. Needless to say, you got very very pissed. So pissed that you smashed things around vowing to put the motherfucker to sleep for ever.

Now, what do you think you could do next?

a) Sodomize the asshole back to send him a message that sodomy is wrong. Then you threaten him… if he ever sodomize anyone or anything again, he would in turn be sodomized back. In a more vigorous manner.

b) Call the police to have that guy arrested or whatever. Bring him to justice. Study what the fuck is wrong with him. Use the study results to prevent more of such problem in the future.

The answer should be very obvious for us who has proper education.

Unfortunately, there is a bunch of middle aged blokes who chose option (a)… and turned the world into a full scale anal sex party — in the process of proving sodomy is wrong.

I feel sad for humanity. May the force be with us.

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