March 15, 2004

speed demons

Saturday night (or rather Sunday morning), when I was on my way home from watching a late night movie, I saw from a distance away this unexpected traffic congestion near a junction. That struck me as fucking weird. Like, traffic? At 3am?

As I drove my car closer to the junction, I started to realize that it wasn’t really a traffic congestion that I saw. It was a group of people on motorcycles. For one moment, I thought it was an election campaign went too far, but apparently I was wrong. Those were actually illegal motorcycle racers having their congregation right in the middle of the expressway.

From my rough estimation, there were probably a few hundreds of them there – which made the whole assembly look like a swarm of locusts having a sex party. Except that locusts do not emit as much exhaust fumes as they did.

It was a very ugly sight. Malay kids with weird hairstyles (yeah, some didn’t wear their helmets) revving their loud motorcycles to show off their piece of modified 2 wheelers. I can’t help but wonder, what are these boneheads trying to achieve by participating in such despicable acts? Frankly speaking, I don’t fucking know. If they are looking for thrills, they could have rode their motorcycles off a cliff or something… or join some x-games event. Racing on the expressway endangering / disturbing the life of others – that’s just plain abominable.

It is not that I care if they got themselves killed or whatever… but I’m more concerned that these lowlives would damage our cars in the process of getting killed – man, that is going to be a drag. Imagine the troubles of claiming insurance and getting our cars repaired… not to mention the depreciation our car’s value after killing someone (albeit a lowlife) in the accident. And all those buggers do, is to lie down quietly for their family members bury them a few feet under… and become fertilizers for the plants – while we got ourselves entangled with the law and shit.

And then what will happen if there were to be a platoon of extra-terrestrial beings from another planet come for a visit, and their first encounter with us humans happens to be these bunch of vagrants? I bet those ET’s aren’t going to be impressed. If they have the capacity to attack, they’d fucking do it without qualms. Same for me. If I happen to drive a big truck or something, and had the chance to mow these bunch of retards, I’d do it without qualms. More to that, I’m going to get down from my truck and spit at their corpses.

The government ought to do something about this. Like, to enforce the speed limit of motorcycles to just 50kph. If possible, ban all motorcycles that could speed beyond that limit. That way, they won’t be able to ride fast. And whoever modifies their motorcycle and violates the law – mandatory whipping or death penalty, or both (whip first, then hang)

Don’t like it? Well, don’t fucking speed on a motorcycle. Go ride a bicycle or something.

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