March 13, 2004

let out session

Haven’t anyone already knew that there will be an election going on in our country? Then why are they still hanging those stupid posters all over the place? Are those politicians stupid or something? Can’t they just hang 1 or 2 posters… or just enough to tell the people that who they should vote for? Like 1 poster in every area, instead of 500 posters in the same square inch?

Some of the banners and posters were even hung right beside some road intersections, which makes it real difficult to look out for oncoming vehicles and elevates the risks of having an accident. I wonder what was on their mind, that the people might miss the election just because they did not see enough posters around? And does that the election campaign is actually more important than the safety of all road users?

And today, they even closed down some roads in Penang – so that those mongoloid politicians could campaign by parading right in the middle of the road… to deliver their fake promises, speeches and lies. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Can’t they do it in the middle of a football field… rent a big hall… or perhaps do it in the under utilized balai rakyat in their respective district? Why do they have to do it right in the middle of the fucking public road? Why do they have to make our life so difficult??

I really don’t understand how could we let so many idiots to be involved in politics. They can’t even do their campaigning rationally, let alone to be a leader for the people. I wonder how many trees had to be chopped down during an election campaign to print those stupid banners and leaflets. Someone ought to publish the cost for all these.

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