March 10, 2004

would I?

Yesterday, when I was driving home from work, I noticed the car in front of mine had a flat tire. And when I checked my speedometer, I realized that we’re moving at about 70 kph! A car with a flat tire moving that fast? I went like “WTF?? Couldn’t that driver feel a thing?”. I followed the car for a good 3 – 4 minutes, with no signs of it stopping.

The person inside was obviously unaware that the car had a puncture. I reckoned that the car must have a bloody good suspension system or the driver is too fucked up to realize anything at all (on drugs perhaps?). The car’s metal wheel was basically rolling on top of the loose flapping rubber, and was already making a parallel-line mark on the road.

So, being a nice guy that I am(as always), I overtook this car in front of mine and tried to alert the driver that the car had a puncture. Who knows? I might save a life or two? Cool. But before I do that, I decided to check out the driver first from across our car windows… – the driver was a Chinese bloke in his early 20’s with a spiky hairstyle, dyed to the color of old coconut shell. A typical pirated VCD seller yokel kind of look. I could see that he was bobbing his head while driving – an indication that he was listening to some very loud music. *that was likely the reason why he didn’t know he has got a flat tire.*

Alright, let’s stop this for a moment here.
Do you think people like me, in this situation, should interrupt this Ah Beng who is listening to his super loud music, that his car has a flat tire? Please comment yes or no. And state your reason why.

Also, you may try to guess… whether or not I did the good Samaritan bit.

Many thanks.

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