March 10, 2004

another encounter in ICQ

At exactly 8.01pm today, I received a message from an unknown user in ICQ:

nicholas : “hihi”

heavenly (that’s my nick in ICQ): “hi back… who’s this ?”

nicholas : “asl plz”

*asl is the abbreviation for Age/Sex/Location.

heavenly : “fuck off… asl your bucket head… this is the 21st century… wake up!!!”

nicholas : “fuck u”

heavenly : “well… eat shit and die… camel shithole spelunker…”

nicholas : “ni ma de wang ba dan”

heavenly : “is that the best your can do? you’re retarded… i knew it. The big INFO button is on the panel… and you asked me asl… why don’t you ask your father if he’s a guy ?”

nicholas : “sorry lo. u f or m? me f”

heavenly : “and why in the world you call yourself nicholas if you’re a female ? why not call yourself John or Jack instead ? So am i a male or female ? GO CHECK MY STATS !!”

nicholas : “r u is f or m,i don”t care”

heavenly : “if you don’t care… why ask ? u read english ?”

nicholas : “nolah,my english is not good”

heavenly : “because ur english is not good… im suppose to tell you my gender ? u know how to click the “stats” button in ICQ ?”

nicholas : “can’t u tall in chinese”

heavenly : “im tall in chinese ? then ? short in english ?”

nicholas : “becouse my english is not goog only”

heavenly : “you… want to know… if i’m a guy or a girl… right? click… the “i” button… on top right of the message box in ICQ… you’ll even know my name there. does that make sense to you?”

nicholas : “u know chinese word ?”

heavenly : “no … i don’t read/write/eat chinese characters. What’s your point ? you want to mail me a chinese letter ? geez”

nicholas : “yes”

heavenly : “no pls. Mail it to someone else…”

nicholas : “u have h/p num”

heavenly : “i have … but im not going to give you …”

nicholas : “go to die”

heavenly : “go fuck yourself… you cock sucking succubus…”

I lllllllove prodding idiots in cyberspace.

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