March 7, 2004

adventurous side effects

I did not have a good sleep last night after getting inebriated from an outing with friends. That was why I had this terrible hangover this morning. I could have slept through into the afternoon but I couldn’t as I was making myself obliged to watch that Formula 1 race on TV.

As I was watching the race with my half-sober mind, suddenly, a large object appeared out of nowhere blocking the TV. It was my mom.

“What happened to you? You look terrible”
“I looked the same mom.”

It is always a mistake to tell your mom that you’ve been drinking the previous night. I was exactly doing that same denial…

“You look sick. You need to go to the doctor”
“No I’m fine mom. You are blocking the TV”
“No, I seriously think you should go to the doctor.”

I actually puked too hard last night and had developed some tiny red spots around the rim of my eyes. Those spots were resulted from burst blood capillaries (or something like that, according to doc) when I strained too hard from the puking. I was trying in vain not to let my mom find out about my misadventure the night before.

“Look, mom, I’m fine. It’s nothing serious. Really”
“Look at the red spots around your eyes! I think you have measles!”
“No mom… I’m not having measles. It’s just that… spots… developed when I puked too hard last night..”
“You puked? Why did you puke?”
“Errr…. food poisoning I guess. Mom.. you are blocking the damn race”

And that was when Montoya attempted his stupid overtaking maneuver, which caused Jenson Button to mow a part of Melbourne circuit’s grassy lawn. My mom almost made me missed that.

“You know, you have to be careful… bla bla bla… grow up… bla bla”
“Mom! Can’t you do this later? I’m trying to watch some TV here.”
“bla bla bla”
“I’ll give you some money mom. Go buy yourself something and let me watch my TV… ok?”

I didn’t know why I said that. Probably still very blur from the hangover and deprivation of sleep. My mom let out a snigger and left me alone after that. I guess it didn’t take her very long to find out that her son still have some small amount of alcohol flowing inside his brain.

Right after the race, I told Emily that I “needed to solve some serious problem inside the toilet” — and puked again. I felt so lethargic after that… and crashed without regaining consciousness until 6pm today. That has got to be one of the worst hangover I’ve ever had in my life.

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