March 5, 2004

zombie inside

Goddamn. Lots of problems at work since yesterday. That explains why I haven’t got the time to do my own stiff lately (blogging, surfing, etc).

Well, one of my problems today was to work with a contractor called ‘Egg’. Now, if you have been following my blog, you would probably recognize this name, he was one of the fortunate people featured in my hate list before.

You see, this guy has a very serious problem with his breath. It stinks. Hell, it reeked so bad that I suspect that if I were to stand around him long enough, my white shirt would turn yellow. Alright, that might be over the top but, you get the point.

Each time Egg opens his mouth, I would be pressed to dive for cover. His breath had already destroyed a couple of my notebooks and partially damaged some of my expensive equipments. And I’ve already spent a lot of money fixing those stuff in my lab… all because of his stinking breath.

Alright… I made all that up, but the truth is still — he’s got a terminal case of halitosis. His appearance may look like a normal human… but when he opens his mouth, you’d think that he’s a decomposing corpse in disguise.

I do not know if he knows he has an awful breath. But having seen all the gag reflex around him… I reckon he should have some inkling that people are appalled whenever he’s in proximity. And yet, strangely, he did not seem to have done anything about it.

But then, considering the seriousness about his breath problem – I doubt that it can be solved by just chewing a pack of mint gum. I asked myself, what do people normally do to decomposing corpse? Yep, they cremate them. Burn them. Hence, for Egg’s case, I can assume that his breath can only be cured by burning whatever that’s rotting inside his mouth. Like maybe, have him swallow a can of petrol and light up. That way, it would not only stop the decomposition process but also eliminate the bacterias that causes the foul odor as well. And while he’s doing the therapy, he take the opportunity to impress his friends…

Man, if only he’s that considerate and smart…

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