March 3, 2004

dirt road chase

I just came back from a collecting something from a friend’s home with Emily. That friend lives in a suburb and the road that leads to her house was unpaved and all dirt. It was a short visit though. I didn’t even get off from the car because

1) there were lots of mosquitoes there…
2) we just wanted to pass something to that friend, and that can be easily achieved by winding down the window…
3) there were approximately 3 dogs in her compound… and didn’t like me a lot.

The dogs were like, all frenzy when they saw me. I don’t know why. They were barking so mad as if I’ve just killed their bitch mother or something. But didn’t give a damn of course, I just went on with the business, settled it quick and got the hell out of there.

But as I was cruising my car along unpaved road out of the area, the dogs gave chase from behind – barking mad from behind. Like I’m suppose to be scared or something. That was when I had a wicked idea of fucking with the dogs. I stepped on my brake hard, stopping the car completely within a short distance. Due to their close proximity from the back of my bumper — I knew there simply wasn’t enough space/time for the dogs to avert in time. As expected, the canines did slide down the dirt road and was in a clear course to collide with my bumper. 2 of the dogs hit, but one of them was actually quick enough to avert my car, and dove into a nearby bush filled with wet mud instead, rolled a few times before landing a stop. All these happened in a little less than a few seconds, but my mind registered the whole incident like in slow motion, frame by frame.

My reaction? I laughed till I almost died. But I know, that friend wouldn’t be so amused washing the mud off the poor dog. Hahhah

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