March 2, 2004

about cars and stuffed animals

I don’t understand why some people like to put up stuffs beside their car windscreen. Soft toys, discarded CDs, flowers, pillows, tissue boxes ..etc. I saw a female Kancil driver the other day, who had such a massive collection of soft toys by her car windscreen, that it must have blocked about 50% of her view… It was like, a zoo full of stuffed animals inside that fucking car.

I mean, come on, isn’t that deliberately jeopardizing her own safety? What good would the menagerie of soft toys do? Give her an orgasm? Or did she do that to make everyone think that she’s cute and therefore, that much fuckable than other females?

Well… the truth is, but NOBODY GIVES A CRAP if your car looked good or bad on the inside. All that we care is, you don’t drive like an inconsiderate dickwad and stay free from accidents. With that mob of animals blocking your view, you’re putting yourself and others in danger, and for that, you rightfully claim the title as ‘a cunt’. Windscreens… or any other glass screens inside your car — are meant for you to have visual contact with the outside world, so that you know where to steer your vehicle carefully to. They are not meant as a window for you to show off your stupid stuffed animals (or whatever) to the public.

I seriously think that our country should have a constituted law against stuffed toys (or anything) inside a moving vehicle. Whoever that violates this law, will have to shove all of the stuffed animals from that offending car up into the driver’s ass… and banned from driving for life.

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