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February 14, 2004

“School Of Rock” (2003)

Woooooooooooo…. School of Rock rocks! Watched it last night.

But I just figured out one thing – when it comes to humor, I think Penang youngsters lack of it. Man… I felt so awkward to be the only one laughing like a jackass in the cinema when Dewey quoted Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Gift of All’ lyrics when he was being grilled by that bunch of school teachers about his plans and aspirations…

Maybe it was a sign of old age. The song was from the 80’s. Nobody was born before the 80’s. Except me. Fuck.

Go watch “School of Rock” already, it’s entertaining.

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February 12, 2004

unique way

My favorite parking spot was occupied by another car when I drove my lunch members to the cendol stall today, so I had to park my car by an off-road pavement.

After we had our cendol, I found myself in some situation reversing out of the space due to the traffic. Seeing that I needed a hand, Doug volunteered to keep guard from behind my car… while I attempted to reverse out of the spot. When the course was clear, Doug signaled me to reverse while he stood on the road as my human shield.

Thanks to him, I managed to reverse out from the difficult spot with no trouble at all. Doug then came over and tried to open the door… but it wouldn’t open. That was because I locked it. I then wound down the window, offered him a 20 cents coin and said “terima kasih bang… nah minum kopi…”. I then gestured at him to sod off…

It was suppose to be funny, really… but instead, I was yelled with the word “FUCK!”, in a serious way. Well, I guess some people just can’t take a joke…

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antigravity III

[continued from ‘antigravity II’]

That Saturday… I was early in the soccer field… waiting for my friend. Every single minute of the wait felt like an eternity to me. What if he failed his mission? What if he had forgotten all about it? So many thoughts. I was shit worried.

He almost did not show up that day. But then, he did. He was just fucking late (of all day). I remember cursing him from the inside repeatedly for being late in such critical moment. Not wanting to look too desperate, I casually sauntered over to get near him… hoping that he would somehow tell me something that I have been waiting to hear… and without the need to remind him for that (it’s a guy thing…). He was totally oblivious about the matter at first, but after I tried to indirectly hinted him for a few times, he finally recovered from his temporary memory loss. That bastard.

He told me he got that girl’s name and number. I was jumping with joy from the inside, but managed to maintain my composure to act all cool and responded “Yeah? Good good. Thanks dude.” But of course, I was imploding with joy. The bliss was inexplicable.

He then told me that he wasn’t sure if the number was that of the actual girl I was looking for, but it was pretty close to my description. I took the folded note with a rough scribbling of a 7 digit house phone number complete with a name on it. I placed that piece of folded note into my wallet, and looked over the horizon with a gleaming smile. The antigravity feeling was there again… I just can’t wait to speak to that mysterious girl again… (had to wait till I get home as mobile phone wasn’t as common back then…).

I sped home right after my soccer session. Hasted my shower and quickly slipped into something comfortable… then took my dinner at the speed of sound. Heck, everything was done at warp speed that evening. But when I positioned myself in front of the phone ready to call the girl, my fingers froze at the last digit. How should I start the conversation? How would she feel about me for calling all of the sudden? I then hung back the phone… and did not call her up that night. I was too fucking nervous and was at the brink of blacking out.

It happened for the next few attempts. Each time I wanted to call her, my heart would palpitate like mad, and I would just freeze in front of the phone. I would sometime walk around the phone before picking it up again, only to fail for another time. But then, it finally happened. I managed to dial all the digits, close my eyes and waited for someone to pick up. And lucky bastard me… she was the one who answered, because I could recognize her voice. It was the sweetest thing I heard. I made a coy introduction and some brief refresh on the night we met a couple weeks back. I was hoping for the worst, but miraculously, she actually remembered me.

Our first call lasted slightly more than 30 minutes. And not very long after that, I was calling her a few times a week, each time lasted even longer than the previous. And my life gradually changed. Happier. More phone bills to pay. But definitely, happier.

3 – 4 months later – we went for our first date. It was AWWEEESOOOMMEEE. Then, about 6 months from the day I initiated the first phone call, I gave her a Valentines Day gift — a customized collection of love songs personally dubbed by myself in the form of a cassette… and a simple card to go with it. She asked me if it meant something… to which I admitted that it does, and asked her to be my girlfriend. She did not give her answer, but made me wait for another 5 months. On 3rd July 1996, she gave me a seal of approval through a love letter. And that was how we started the relationship.

On 2001, we figured that our feelings for each other had surpassed the stage beyond magnificence – and we went to have our relationship taken to the next level – registration of marriage. And on that certificate that we signed that day, I nod proudly to myself.. when I saw the ‘name I’ve forgotten to ask’ on that fateful 1995 night — Emily.

Happy Valentines Day to all.

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February 11, 2004

antigravity II

[continued from ‘antigravity I’]

I couldn’t stop thinking about that girl. And, I could not forgive myself for forgetting to ask for her name and number. “What the fuck was wrong with me?” But then I put the blame all on my bitch girlfriend – it was all her fucking fault. I must have been too miserable because of her, to be unable to think straight. Fuck.

I called the damn bitch up that night… as required by her. I didn’t talk much as I was unconsciously retiring from the reality and spent every awakening moment thinking about that mysterious girl. The bitch probably suspected something wrong with me but, I didn’t give a crap.

I tried to sleep – but I couldn’t. I was listening to the radio and for some weird reasons, all the songs felt so damn sentimental. I was lofty and shit, stomach going antigravity on and off. I kept thinking to myself, what should I do now? The thinking boiled down to a few important tasks – to get rid of my bitch girlfriend, find out who is that mysterious girl inside my car that night and work on a relationship with her. I’d scour info around from people like Animal or my birthday friend that night (who happened to be Charles)… and others, if necessary. I just need to work on something instead of rotting from inside out like this. So, the plan was set.

But I did not get to meet any of the guys for another week or so. I suffered from insomnia throughout the whole period, kept thinking about that girl… and at the same time, haunted by my madcap bitch girlfriend. I swear if the wrought up situation were to last any longer than that… I would probably turn psychotic or something like that. Words cannot describe the feeling man.

Then came Saturday, exactly a week later. I met a friend who was in the same class as Animal. I pressed my luck and told that clueless guy that I was looking for a particular someone… and went ahead to describe the girl to him. The mission was to get me the name and number. With a steady sport, that friend of mine told me that he’ll try his best to look for the girl who fitted my description in his class. If not, he’ll GET ME A GIRL who looks exactly like that. [Friends like him are hard to find nowadays…]

I waited for another week for his findings. Again, more sleepless nights. The mental torment took a toll on me. I lost some weight and completely disregarded my fashion. It was as if I lost my job and was living off plain bread with rain water. My girlfriend on the other hand, completed her metamorphosis of turning into a fully functional canine – with a pair of hind legs, fur and a muzzle… complete with the barking as well. The relationship felt like a big boulder strapped on to my shoulder

That weekend, I decided to end the suffering. No, I did not kill myself. I dumped the bitch. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I just said it out like I was in a convenient store buying a box of breath mints, on the phone, “I think we should hang up and never call each other again” … and I was even watching the TV while doing that. Of course she cried like a banshee upon hearing that, but that did not affect me even a little. I stayed on to give her the honor of hanging up… but she just kept crying till I got really pissed and hung up on her. It was really unnecessary but, I was left with no choice. Phone bill’s not cheap. I’m not paying that just to hear her cry. She could have done much more instead of crying, if you know what I mean.

And that marks the end of my suffering and a beginning of a new chapter in my life. I was back to being single in just one phone call and regained all the faith and bandwidth to focus on courting that mysterious girl IF, I manage to find her. And I waited for that friend for one whole week, for the coming Saturday to meet my friend for his good news…

[to be continued… here]

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February 10, 2004


At the physiotherapy clinic today …

Physiotherapist : “Looks like your knee has been healing pretty fast. Did you exercise and stretch your leg as adviced?”

Me : “Err… yeah… I did”
[fact : exercise by stepping the clutch during traffic jam]

Physiotherapist : “Involved in sports lately?”

Me : “Hmm… yeah, I just had a game of soccer during the weekend… slight pain on my knee the next day”
[fact : drunken soccer in my banquet clothes.]

Physiotherapist : “Great. It will be painful initially… but it will be ok in a day or two. How about jogging?”

Me : “Well… I did try to jog a few days ago… no problem at all…”
[fact : I ran to my car in the carpark when I realized I was late to fetch Emily]

Physiotherapist : “Hmmm… looks good. You don’t have to come so often now. I’ll schedule you to come back in 2 weeks”

Me : *grin* “Thanks !”

Heck, I’m sure if he were to find out about the truth, he’ll probably ask to quarantine the area and get the blimp nurse to rape me. Ahaks. I’ll be goddamned for the rest of my life.

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