February 28, 2004

adventure in beauty parlor

I accompanied my wife Emily to a beauty parlor yesterday. She actually wanted to inquire about a skin care product that she bought lately, so while she was doing that, I took a seat at the foyer to check some girls out. It was before long, one of the beauticians there came over to me and asked, “Have I seen you before? You look familiar…”

The moment I hear those words, I concluded the following :

She’s one fucking dumb bitch. — Many people may have seen me before. How the fuck would I know if she’s one of them?

In fact, I knew there was a hidden intention behind that question. It was aimed at my wallet. Specifically, my credit cards. No shit we haven’t met before. She was just trying to chat me up, and when if we ever got friendlier, she’s going to ask me buy some of her expensive but useless product. Fuck that.

“No, I don’t think we have met before. I’ve never been into any beauty parlor in my life.”

“I thought you are one of my customers maa. Interested in any treatment?” [Aha!]

I gave her that “excuse me please ?” look before replying her –

“In case you failed to notice – I’m a guy. Guys don’t wash their face with a few thousand types of chemicals.”

“Well, guys have to care for their face also maa… right? ”

“Of course we do. We use a soap. Ever heard of soap?”

“No no, soap won’t be able to remove blackheads… pimples… etc… you have to use this that bla bla… ”

I started to get really uneasy when she preached me about face care with some of her exotic terms and shit. The feeling was like, standing in front of a bunch of naked androgynous cultists who want me to join their lost cause. I didn’t stay to be pecked of course, so I directly made a beeline to the exit and disappeared, leaving Emily behind.

As I was trying to start my car, about 5 or 6 of them came to block my car, broke the windscreen and dragged me out like a rag doll. I tried to gouge an eye out of one of them, but I was grossly outnumbered and had no choice but to submit to their whatever malicious intent. I was then tied and brought into their hidden enclave inside, and repeatedly raped with their cosmetics laden clits.

Alright, that was just something to fuck with you (if you couldn’t tell). I bailed out of the place alright, leaving Emily behind. But she caught up with me outside and we got the fuck out of there.

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