February 26, 2004

in the middle of the night

I was suddenly awakened from my deep sleep by some shrill howling noise last night. I wasn’t very sober at that time and kinda wondered where did the sound come from. It stopped for a while. And when I was about to resume my sleep, the howling came back again. This time, it really freaked me out and goosebumps started to pop up all over my body.

Then, as I started sober up, I realized that the noise actually came from the person who was sleeping right next to me. Emily. Great. Questions after questions began to cram up in my flustered mind. Why is she howling like that? Am I suppose to do something now? What the fuck is going on here? I don’t know.

I was unsure if I should turn her over to check if she is ok. What if she happens to look like that demonic looking Linda Blair in the movie Exorcist? Or worse, accompanied with a question from her “Mike, do you still love me?”. That would be hell of a situation.

I turned her over nevertheless… nope, she looked fine. No sign of Linda Blair. But her mouth was wide agape doing the howling noise – which by then, had already kept me awake for what it must be about 2 – 3 minutes. I felt inclined to do something about her howling because it was keeping me awake. I needed the sleep. So, I decided to nudge her until she’s half awake and reset whatever she’s doing.

But before I can actually do that, she suddenly raised her hand and repeatedly smacked me on my face. Not actually a hard smack but, sort of like a slow motion tired smack… piak piak piak… while howling like a wolf. It suspiciously looked as if she enjoyed it a whole lot, but I was positive she wasn’t sober at all. My mind was blank and obviously didn’t know how to react… and her smacks were getting harder each time.

I reckoned that she must be having some kind of an exciting dream that involves swatting somebody in the face, and I just hoped that it wasn’t me in that dream, because I was already unlucky enough to be her real victim in the real world.

Anyway, I was determined to make it all stop by grasping the hand that smacked me, and got hold the other one too – in case she felt like balancing it up using the other hand. Somehow, during that particular moment, I felt that the situation was downright funny and I burst out laughing. I could not imagine what would my neighbors think… to hear sounds of howling and hysterical cackle coming out from my room… right in the middle of the night.

She did not wake up at all during the entire episode. She stopped howling after about 1 minute and resumed sleeping peacefully. This is the first time I’ve ever encountered her doing things like this in her sleep. Maybe she was too stressed at work. When I told her what happened the next morning, she claimed that she totally had no idea about what she did. She just knew that she had a nightmare last night and nothing else. (yeah, more like my nightmare, instead of her’s.)

If she keep doing this every night, I might have to wear a full-faced helmet to sleep in future.

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