February 25, 2004


My colleague BigSnake recently had a crush on a girl. She is an accountant at my workplace, and apparently, is quite well known for her hot looks and totally awesome body.

When we were returning from our lunch today, BigSnake remarked about his unbelievably frequent encounter with that pretty accountant in an euphoric tone…

BigSnake : “I don’t know if this is just me, guys… but I noticed that I kept running into that Hot Accountant every morning. I mean, what are the odds? I have a feeling that this is more than just coincidence. Aren’t I lucky?”

Me : “So… are you implicating to us that it is FATE that is at work here?”

BigSnake : “If fate describes this the best, then yeah. I think this is a sign hinting that we are meant to be together”

He then stared upwards at the sky… as if he’s expecting something some snowflakes to fall down, but then I’m sure he just wanted to make the whole thing sound lofty.

Me : “Oh… pardon me but, are you saying that you think both of you are destined to be together, just because you noticed that you have been stumbling into her quite frequent recently?”

BigSnake : “YES.”

Me : “Then, what about those obese security guards stationed at the employee entrance? You stumble into them every morning as well… right?”

BigSnake : “No, that’s different.”

Me : “Why would it be different? Just because the guards are fatter and uglier, then FATE won’t pair you up with them?”

BigSnake : “I think you’re just jealous.”

Me : “I stumble into my neighbor’s maid every morning… does that mean both of us are meant to be together?”

BigSnake : “Aiyaa… both of you live at the same area maaa… for sure the chance of stumbling into each other will be higher.”

Me : “Well, aren’t you and Hot Accountant working in the same building? Doesn’t that make a higher chance to stumble into each other?”

BigSnake : “…”

Bull’s eye.

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