February 16, 2004

spoil the market

‘Spoil the market’ — a phrase to imply a purported sabotage of a mutually agreed goal/limit in order to gain advantage over others.

Eg. Rob sold his raw materials at a price 20% lower than other merchants. By doing so, he gained more market shares… because of his lower price. In order to counter Rob’s advantage, the other merchants had to lower their prices as well… and endure lower profit due to Rob’s inconsiderate act. Rob’s act is a perfect example of ‘spoil the market’.

I’ve came across this phrase many times lately :

Act 1:
Henry, Amber, Emily and myself were walking along a stretch of shops during Valentines Day …

Henry : “Hey … nice flowers. You girls want flowers?”

Amber : “I’m ok with anything.”

Emily : **turns to me and smile**

Me : **turns to Henry and rasped** “Market spoiler!”

Act 2:
Walking along with friends on Valentines Day, I bumped into my lab technician selling flowers by the roadside.

Me : “Hey man… how’s it going? Taking a part time job huh?”

Technician : “Yeah, good money tonight. Wanna buy flowers? This one is nice…” **points at a big bouquet of flowers**

Me : “Get out of here, don’t spoil the market.”

Act 3:
My mom bought a big teddy bear for Emily on Valentines Day.

Emily : “That bear is sure nice. I still can’t believe it’s from your mom instead of you”

Me : “She’s a market spoiler…”

Emily : “What did you say??”

Me : “Err … nice bear”

Act 4:
Niece has been watching cartoon for 7 hours straight.

Me : “Damn it… you’ve been watching cartoons for the whole day! Have you completed your homework??”

Niece : “I have already completed them all…”

Me : “Go do some revisions then! You think you’d become a genius just by completing your homework??”

Mom : “Aww… let her watch lah… not that she gets to watch cartoons everyday…”

Me : “Don’t spoil the market, mom. I want to watch that goddamn TV!”

Spoiling the market is the most despicable act.

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