February 15, 2004

ticked off

Today, someone slipped a note under my mom’s car wiper that reads :

“Pls be considerate to other residents”

It was written in a very bad handwriting. My mom’s car was parked under the main porch of our apartment – but it did not block anyone’s right of way there.

That was why I got really ticked off reading the crudely written note. I was ticked off particularly at the word ‘considerate’ written in there. I knew it was written by that sadistic fat Indian bastard who always complain about everyone who parks under the porch. It’s inconsiderate, he said. Inconsiderate because he has a very ill father who could collapse anytime, and if it were to rain, he’d need to porch for the ambulance to stop.

But fuck, if it is a life threatening situation for his father, the ambulance could have stopped ANY-FUCKING-WHERE, right?? What is a drop or two of rain to exchange for your life?! And guess what? The fucker himself always park at that spot, right under that porch, where his fat Naza Ria would block 40% way, which is way worst that anyone else… Is that what he calls considerate??

And as if it wasn’t ironic enough, his car was parked at the carwash lot… the time I discovered the note under my mom’s wiper. Is that considerate?

His son … that goes around making weird noises around the apartment block… is that considerate ?

He always complain about others, but never take a look back at himself. Whenever his car is under that porch, it’s always the right thing to do, just because his father is sick (even though the old man’s not traveling with him). And if anyone else were to do that, he would stuck a note under that person’s wiper. How considerate.

I was about to wreck that fucker’s fat piece of junk vehicle up when I saw the note… but my conscience woke me up. I realized that I should not make it any worse for a motherfucker who has a brain the size 1/10th of my testicle. It will be like beating up a cripple with my abled limbs.

Let’s just see if he pisses me off again… and I’m going to make sure his fat car has more holes on it. Fucking neighbors.

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